Grüne Jugend exchange with Dwars

From the 6th to the 9th of december 2001 some members of the Gruene Jugend drug politics workgroup visited DWARS in Utrecht. The visit was part of an exchange : earlier some DWARS members visited Berlin with special interest in antiracism and antifascism.

As the Netherlands have a different way of dealing with the drug problem, the German visitors were very interested in these unconventional and interesting ways. They met Hans Visser in the Paulus Kerk in Rotterdam, who works on “Regulation of trade and use of hard drugs”. Another interesting visit was the Hemp Museum in Amsterdam.

They were also introduced into the “Stop plan Colombia” campaign which shows the importance of watching international drug policy. All in all this exchange is worth being repeated and there is a lot of interest among the Gruene Jugend in maintaining the contact with DWARS.

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