Interview with Stefanie De Bock

Stefanie De Bock (She/her) is co-spokeperson and part of the executive committee of FYEG. Stefanie was co-spokesperson of Jong Groen until October 2018. She was already involved in several FYEG activities like AlterCop and Demasculinization of Politics. In September 2018 she got the opportunity to start an internship at FYEG office. Today she is an anti arms trade campaigner and a provincial councillor for Groen in Vlaams-Brabant. In her spare time, she loves to shout through a megaphone for social and ecological justice. Stefanie is super interested in the history of movements, political parties and how they advocate for change. One day she hopes to write a book about this.

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This interview was conducted in October 2021 by Edoardo De Paola, member of the editorial board of the Ecosprinter.

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