Knowledge = Power = Energy = Matter = Mass

I attended a Green event the week before putting this magazine together. Arranged by a Green party, attended by two MEP’s, industry representatives and local Greens as speakers, it was a 2-hour session of male back-slapping, ego-boosting and talk, talk, talk. 100 % of all speakers were male. 100 % of the voices from the audience were male. And no-one seemed to find this strange.

The topic, of course, was energy politics.

Suddently, once you talk about energy economy unbundling, transmission fees and energy restructuring, it seems it is OK to let gender parity, gender perspectives and equality fly out the window, supposedly due to the “technical, scientific nature” of the topic.

Also, the topic does lend itself to hugely over-long articles by male contributors who simply can not stay within one page, or even a spread. Still, there is some good stuff in this issue. I hope you have the power to dig through it!

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