Meet la Souris Verte

La Souris Verte -Le Forum des Jeunes Verts ! ! was born in July 2001. Though it is still young, it has members all over France in almost every main city and in more rural zones. We are an association, not a political party. But we are more than that, we are the youth movement of the French green party and we believe in the same fundamental values defended by the Greens.

The members of La Souris Verte are students, young workers and other under 28-years-olds who believe in political ecology, who want to defend it, promote it and contribute to it.

La Souris Verte is a federation of local and regional groups who do various actions and campaigns, coordinated by the national board. In 2001-2002, we campaigned for organic food in university cafeterias and against nuclear power.

2003 was an important year for us and other anti-globalization movements. We actively took part in the anti-G8 summit by organizing the VIG (intergalactic village) with the Reseau intergalactique. During the European Social Forum we organized seminars and the GLAD with that same Reseau Intergalactique, which was a coordinating and networking place for European civil disobedience movements. For the events, our partners were NGOs, youth movements, unions…

In 2004, our central campaign will be for our regional and European elections. The two main events will be a meeting in Strasbourg (East of France) with the candidates and the Ecolo Parade. The Ecolo Parade is a festive demonstration with most of the French environmental organization. This year, it will take place one week before the elections in June, and we therefore want to make more European by inviting young European greens. See you then!!

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