Letter of COP 19 Delegates to Green Youth – Day 3

Hi all,

It is 1am now and we are really tired. COP is very exhausting, but here are a few updates:

At COP17 in Durban Parties (the countries) decided to found a new working group to establish the new agreement, which should be decided in 2015 and ratified in 2020. This working group was then separated in two workstreams. Workstream 1 is responsible for the new agreement and Workstream 2 for short-term action until 2020. So what happened?

After the
ADP(the Ad hoc Working-Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action) was opened and Parties held their opening statements, the sessions closed.

Today they were going on. We, as Observers, had no access to the happenings in the Workstream 1. It was closed to observer organizations (i.e. only open to Parties). China asked why the sessions was closed and asked to open it to Observers again. A decision about this will happen tomorrow. As far as we know, Brazil tabled a proposal, which is 17 years old and now has been adopted as G77 position. It aims to take a view on historical emissions to say which country is in the end how much responsible for anthropogenic Climate Change. This is seen as very crucial inside NGOs, as it will makes the discussion more difficult than needed. The issue was shifted to the SBSTA (body responsible for science and technology), were was said, that this is not possible.

In Workstream 2(pre-2020 ambition), nothing essentially happened. China, G77, AOSIS and LDC supported each other in their statements, which aimed scaling up mitigation ambition.

Climate Finance:G77 emphasized to clarify amounts of long-term finance. US said, that they will not put any any money in the fund this COP. Japan will come with numbers on Friday, but they will not be trustworthy at all. As the finance for the Green Climate Fund was only agreed as fast-start finance from 2010-2012, there is no consensus how to go in the meantime.   PNG came up with report yesterday. It said, that the Fast-Start-Finance (2010-2012) aim was 30 billion and has been over fulfilled by 5 billion, but  8%  of the money was Official Development Aid and 48% not real money.

The new agreement will also include the Framework for Various Approaches (FVA), a new Market Mechanism (NMM) and a non-Market-Approach (NMA):

FVA: Developed countries are looking forward to use it, in the end, as a market with different currencies. Therefore it shall be possible to have national cap-and-trade systems. All these would have different certificates, and the could be exchanged between each system. Many developing countries want to share information for NMA and NMM under the FVA so it shall be to share information only. NGOs and some developing countries fear, that developed countries could build upon this and say “ …and then this platforms leads to..”, which might end into the opposed connection of different emission trading systems.

NMM: Developed countries try to push this under the FVA. The Secretariat proposed a moratorium on markets or further discussions on how new markets can work within one framework. The meetings are closed from now on, but NGOs are trying to get them opened again Therefore, a Party needs to object.

NMA:Developing countries say, it shall not be under FVA.


Climate Network International runs a daily Fossil of the Dayaward ceremony and today the results were:

The 1st place goes to Australia for not trying to repeal their carbon tax. Indeed, the parliament has put forward legislation to repeal the carbon tax legislation. In fact there has been rumors that this year the Australian government would said a Koala to negotiate.

The 2nd place goes to Turkey for caring more about the international coal summit than the climate talks.

The Fossil of Disbelief goes to Canadafor its appalling record on climate change AND congratulating others (esp. Australia) for their appalling climate policies.

More on the website: http://climatenetwork.org/node/3876


Loss & damage:

There is an energetic discussion about this. The G77-China group has submitted a proposal. Heads of delegations were covering the opening session for this topic which shows a will to work on this. This proposal is supported by LDC (Least Developed Countries) and AOSIS (Alliance of Small Island States) and calls for the establishment of a mechanism on loss and damage. The EU, Norway and other developed countries (inc Australia, New Zealand, US) are however pushing for institutional arrangements which is a much weaker proposal. The meetings for loss & damage are closed to observers and we will have to wait to see the final document when it will be submitted to the SBI (Subsidiary Body for Implementation). We are trying to organize a meeting with the Bolivian and the Australian delegations but this is not looking promising.

Warsaw:No big decisions will be taken at this COP but it is an important milestone. We need to not get depressed about that but work towards 2015. Another important milestone will be theHead of States meetingcalled by Ban Ki-Moon (September 2014) who wants leaders to bring pledges or roadmap to pledges to the meeting. However pledges might need to wait for Lima COP20. Ban Ki-Moon has 3 objectives for that meeting: he wants to set a new narrative, raise ambition for 2020 to close the Gigatonne gap between predictions and pledges, and wants an outcome document (a chair summary) to summarize outcomes.


Opening ADP YOUNGO intervention:

Representatives of the youth organizations at the talks (YOUNGO) gave a passionate intervention at the ADP opening session (Ad-Hoc working group on the Durban Platform in charge of developing a new protocol). Emilia Merlini – the group’s representative – called for urgent action to ensure a clean, safe future for generations to come. She ended her speech with the words “our generation is voiceless in these corridors,” before putting tape across her mouth to represent future generations’ lack of voice and consideration in the negotiations thus far.



Have nice dreams,

Your FYEG delegation

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