Life and work: the week of a young Green


6:30 The alarm clock rings

7:15 Take public transport to University

8:15 Due to technical problems of the public transport the Uni is still far away

8:35 – 14.45 Uni. Arrived too late, not having read the text and in between the lessons checking e-mails (57 new)

15:30 Back home, quickly eating yesterday’s left-overs, checking more e-mails (22 new)

16:00 To-do-list: e-mailing, writing reports, …

18:00 Meeting with the energy working group

23:00 Coming home. Your boyfriend feels sorry for your heavy day


6:30 Alarm clock

Running to Uni, this time you’re punctual, reading e-mails and news in the breaks, running home, preparing a speech for a congress, writing an urgent press release, dealing with the problem of cancellations for a panel discussion…

Quickly going to the local shop and to the pharmacy to buy vitamin pills
In the evening to a meeting with the regional Greens, home at midnight. Boyfriend still feels sorry for year heavy day


It’s your lucky day, you are allowed to sleep longer. But at 9 your spokesperson calls and by 10 you have to have read the newspapers… the morning continues with writing for the Ecosprinter and organising a climate action. Also, the next elections have to be thought about, the next meeting of the women’s working group has to be prepared, etc…

In the evening you go to university, this time having read the paper beforehand. After that there is a meeting of the working group on basic income.. You come home at 22hrs and your boyfriend is not paying attention to your hard day.


Back to normal: you get up at 6:30 and run to Uni. Today you don’t have breaks so your e-mails will have to wait until you come home at 15:00 (89 new e-mails). You manage to eat something and take a pain killer. After writing e-mails, re-arranging the panel, phoning around, continuing the report-writing, filling up your agenda with more appointments and things to do, you go to a conference on renewable energies, where you hold your badly prepared speech.

After that, you have to stay and talk to local energy activists. You miss the train and arrive home at 1am. Your boyfriend doesn’t talk to you.


You wake up with a fever and skip your first Uni hours.

At noon you take a thermos flask of hot tea and take the train to your weekend meeting of the young Greens. There you discuss the future strategy of your organisation, solve a conflict that was becoming more and more obvious during the last month, fight for a proposal by the gender working group and dream of renewable energy. Your boyfriend doesn’t answer his phone.


After continuing the meeting you go to a network meeting of young Greens. You come home at midnight, a bit drunk from the free wine, tired and exhausted. Your boyfriend is not at home and did not leave a note.

For Sunday you have the following options:

a) You sleep long and maybe overcome the fever. For that you might have to cancel the interesting panel discussion on drug policy. But health comes first!

b) In this case you might have the chance to explain to your boyfriend that changing the world takes time and effort and you’re not going to give up on it.

c) You go to the panel discussion and have a very good talk with an MEP who wants to invite you for a talk in Brussels.

d) Because your boyfriend is interested in drug policies, you take him along to the panel discussion. He has a great talk with an MEP who invites him to a talk in Brussels while you faint in the bathroom because of your high fever. Your boyfriend becomes a well-know activist and politician who spends even less time at home than you.

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