Malta, the EU and AD

Malta is one of the candidate countries vying for EU membership and therefore is going trough a very important phase in its long history. At the same time the European Union too is passing trough a very important phase. These changes in the EU will be discussed in the convention on the future of the EU. Malta will participate in this convention as one of the candidate countries and I sincerely hope that Malta will be a EU member in the near future.

One major reason why Malta should join the European Union is that small countries within the Union are much stronger than many non-EU countries when confronted by multinational corporations and the World Trade Organisation.

EU countries cannot be bullied by multinational corporations or the WTO, because they form part of a block, that, with all its defects, is the most progressive, democratic and socially just block in the world.

Other reasons why Malta should join the EU include Environmental and Social standards. In comparison to EU countries Malta is lacking in both sectors. EU membership will not only mean financial support and expertise for Malta but it will also mean that the Maltese government will finally put the environment on its agenda and make it one of the top priorities.

The European Union will also bring along consumer rights, human and civil rights and many other things that right now do not really play an important role in our countries political agenda. Another thing that I really hope Malta will adopt is an improved electoral system.

One thing makes Malta different from all European countries including the smaller states such as Gibraltar and San Marino. Malta is the only country with 2 political parties in parliament in Europe. All other European countries have at least 3 political parties in parliament.

This is where Alternattiva Demokratika (AD) The Green Party comes into the frame. AD The Green Party has never been stronger. In the past year AD has grown and consolidated itself. One of the major changes was the foundation of Alternattiva Demokratika Studenti(ADS) which is the youth section of the Green Party. ADS has been working hard to bring along this much needed breathe of fresh air in this country. One of the little victories the party has made is the doubling of it’s support in the country according to the latest polls. The Green Party has the support of 10% of youths aged 18 – 24. This is very significant in a country that has always known a bi-party system. These survey results are very encouraging to us and the Green Party youths will be working very hard to help AD The Green Party make history by being elected in parliament as early as next election which should come along next year.
Alternattiva Demokratika Studenti being such  young and fresh Greens are willing and eager to participate on national and international fronts.

The coming months are vital for all of us. The EU will be accepting up to 15 new member countries and will also undergo other changes that will be very significant. The same applies for Malta and Alternattiva Demokratika. Changes will occur in Malta due to the eventful EU membership and Alternattiva Demokratika will hopefully be the protagonist of the radical change that Malta is in such a need of.

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