Meet Alternattiva Demokratika Studenti

Alternattiva Demokratika Studenti (ADS) is the youth organisation of Alternattiva Demokratika, the Maltese Green Party. ADS were founded in February 2001. Alternattiva Demokratika Studenti is an organisation promoting radical democracy, environmental and social justice and social and civil rights.

ADS are made up of an elected executive committee and around 40 members. Most campaigns focus on animal rights, alternative energy, public transport, civil rights, education and human rights. ADS can boast of a very good relationship with local NGO’s and has organised many activities in cooperation with civil society organisations. In the past year it has consolidated its relationship with local civil society organisations by co-organising a Mayday concert, an Animal Rights demonstration and a Peace March.

ADS obtained FYEG candidate organisation status in Ghent and are thrilled with the prospect of working closely with fellow Young Greens all over Europe. ADS believe that FYEG membership will provide even more exchange opportunities. The FYEG has an important role in the building a global network of young green organizations and ADS is willing and eager to play its part in this.

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