Meet Nils: On the Trail in France for the Presidential Elections

I’m Nils, a young European German Francophile. After living a year in France for Erasmus and an Internship, learning the language, being active at Les Jeunes Écologistes (French Young Greens) and making new French friends, I still have a problem: I don’t understand “The French”!

How can a country with such a revolutionary potential, such great thinkers und such a rich culture come to a point where there seems to be a national depression leading to the risk of a far-right leader taking over?

To better understand “The French” and this historical presidential campaign I will travel three weeks through France, meeting people in small and big cities, urban and rural areas, young and old, workers and students, to follow and report from “Les Présidentielles” closely.

map TdFP

To say it with Astérix l’Européen, my travel partner: “Ils sont fous, ces Gaulois!”
Is that true? We’ll find out- check back here for regular updates!

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