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The Italian group Giovani Verdi left the FYEG last year, but there are interesting initiatives going on. We publish both an English translation of a green youth meeting in Naples, as well as a manifesto inviting people to participate in a mailing list on European green processes, the Neurogreen-list, based in Italy among the Recombinant-project with it’s origins in the globalisation movement (

On February 27th 2005, during the “Green Reforms: the power of yes” programmatic conference held in Naples at the at the “Varco Angioino” Maritime Station, the Giovani Verdi began their meeting. Bearing in mind the harsh weather conditions, the presence of GV from all over Italy was massive.

The main topics of the day

  • Review of all the completed tasks;
  • Discussion and adoption of temporary regulations;
  • Proposals for new national campaigns.

The need for a greater visibility inside and outside of the Italian Green Party seemed clearly evident to all.

Due to all of the tasks completed by the GV, the meeting also concentrated on the GV’s fi rst national campaign entitled “Preserviamoci” (“Let’s preserve ourselves”), on World AIDS Day, which resulted highly successful. This safe sex campaign was enthusiastically approved by Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Italian Green Party president, who personally thanked the organizers.

Projects and structure
The GV also decided on the distribution of various gadgets, such as condoms of the “Preserviamoci” campaign or disposable alcohol tests to be given outside clubs.
During the meeting, the need for a greater cooperation became evident for the distribution of responsibilities and problem-solving tasks in a less exclusive and more balanced manner, thus avoiding counterproductive stresses common to those few activists in GV who had handled all the workload until then.

The meeting ended later on the same day, with a great desire to work towards the realization of greater structures and major growth. A next meeting will be held during the next Federal Conference of the Italian Green Party.

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