Milán Rózsa, activist and beloved friend died





Photo of Milan Rozsa taken by Fekete Hajnal.

The Hungarian activist community is mourning: one of our leading figures, a dominant fighter of the  LGBTI equality movement has died in an apparent suicide aged just 26. He had been struggling with depression for some time. Milan Rozsa was one of the most outspoken young activists on the Hungarian left in just four years of activism – taking prominent roles in not just campaigns to win equality for LGBTI people, but also protests against attempts to tax internet usage in Hungary and a plan for Russia to finance a nuclear power plant in the country.

Rozsa made headlines in February of this year when he climbed over the fence of the Russian embassy in Budapest to protest Vladimir Putin’s treatment of LGBTI people and he was arrested earlier this month over an alleged attack on the headquarters of the ruling Fidesz Party over the proposed internet tax.

Advocates in Hungary are in grief and shock over Milán’s death. The Hungarian democratic opposition lost one of its most credible, courageous and dynamic voices. Nephew of assassinated municipal politician and staunch LGBT rights activist, Harvey Milk, Stuart Milk, also LGBT activist wrote that “Milán Rózsa is a hero that we all lost today. This is so very hard to write. One of the great rewards of doing global face to face advocacy is becoming close friends with extraordinary human souls doing incredible work in the harshest of environments. One of the worst elements of doing this on the ground global work is losing so many of these amazing friends.”… As my uncle Harvey said, “Hope will never be silent.” Milán is a reminder of that mantra. He is a reminder that the price of equality is vigilance” Mr Milk concluded.

Author: Orsolya Liptay