Millenium Development Goals poem

Creating new truths, sleeping with our eyes open
Privileged people, thinking we are the chosen
Buying feelings, consuming happiness
Stuffing voids, thinking we can’t do with less
Fearful eyes feeding terrorism
Hollow phrases putting shades on socialism
Criticising the system, the system that’s us
With the power to elicit sandstorms, we produce dust
Robbing our children, harming the ones of others
Only able to appreciate our roof when we live near the gutter
Fighting the symptoms, not curing the disease
Not questioning the system, being our own enemies
In the game of the world nobody is a winner
When values disappear, there are no sinners
Romanticising poverty, drawing roses on tears
Patronising our shadow while the sun disappears
Planting guilty leftovers, harvesting relief
While the majority is doing time, the thief is elected chief
When hate and love fight, the one you feed rules
‘If poverty is for the lazy, then peace is for fools’
Dream-walking in circles, sleeping with open eyes
Believing attractive news; real-life lies
Staying out of harm’s way, insuring every catastrophe
In a world with silky bars only the conscious are free

And then there are the youth
Ambitious, idealistic, slightly naïve youth
Placing themselves in the other’s shoes
Conscious people starting a silent revolution
Spreading MDG philosophy, fighting mass-exclusion
Implementing projects, raising awareness
Erasing superiority feelings, promoting fairness
Giving the MDGs a cool makeover using neo-liberal tools
While criticising the system and bending the rules
Planting roses on productive grounds
Like minded people stitching ancient wounds
Well aware of the fact that
We will never be the future if we don’t change the present
In the valley of despair, awareness is a weapon
Not able to affect the future without knowing the past
In the fortress of patience only perseverance last.

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