My Beloved Young Greens

you are holding in your hand the Autumn 2007 issue of the Ecosprinter. In this issue we will consentrate on the topics that are the political priorities in the work of the Executive Committee of FYEG during the next year. These themes are Ethnical Minorities, Homophobia, Migrants and Climate Change.

This Ecosprinter is also the start of a renewal process of the whole magazine. We are looking for an Editor-in-Chief separate from the Executive Committee. The plan is to create a strategy how to improve the Ecosprinter. This will hopefully help us create a magazine that will bring forward new political issues and questions. We want to turn the Ecosprinter into an magazine that will encourage political discussion and depate within FYEG, not a media that can be dictated by a single political board.

All hopes and ideas concerning the Ecosprinter are more than welcome.

Hope you enjoy reading!

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