My Sumava experience

We’d been travelling for about 3 hours on tiny, curvy roads in the middle of nowhere when the bus stopped. In spite of what everyone thought, it wasn’t because the old bus had given up on us, the reason it stopped was that we finally had gotten to Sumava. I was surprised when I saw how big the building where we should spend the coming week was. Around it was only big forests, country houses and (a very appreciated) bar. The serious kind of activities we took part in during our stay were forest work, lectures, seminars and discussions in small working groups. I must admit that I didn’t get very much out of the lectures though, probably most because I was (just like the other Swedish girls) ill and missed some of them, and when I actually was present I was too tired to be able to concentrate. The working group I joined was very interesting. We talked about an international “week of the forest”, and I really hope that the idea will be realized. What interested me most, though, wasn’t the forest talk or work, but the people. It was so nice to meet all those lovely people from different countries and cultures. I also liked the cultural evenings, soccer games and nights by the fire very much. Actually I think one of the most important things for this project and the future is that we get to know more people from other countries and learn more about them and their situation. That will probably help a lot when it comes to preventing war and prejudices, even though the participants at this camp weren’t of the kind most prejudiced or most likely to start a war. The people that would best need this kind of camps are not the ones going to them unfortunately. But while they haven’t found them, I’m happy that I got the big privilege to go to one, because it was a great experience and I’ll always have many good memories from there.

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