News from Ireland

On the first week of February our society is holding a Green week in conjunction with the students union. we are hoping to have a mini expo with stands giving out information on different aspects of “being green” (vegetarianism, fair trade, energy efficiency, etc). As this is going to be in a central part of the campus we are hoping to bring the environmental lifestyle to ordinary students and encourage more people to do their bit for the earth.

We are also working very hard to tackle the chronic lack of recycling facilities on our campus. This is proving hard as you would not believe how much red tape can surround such a seemingly simple solution to a very clear waste management problem. Bit by bit we will get there though, our latest victory being that we now have the colleges buildings and environment manager behind us.

For the final part of the year we are intending to hold a charity gig in our student bar to raise some money for the Chernobyl Children’s fund (a charity that bring children from Chernobyl to Ireland for a holiday to escape the horror of where they now live). A couple of us are also considering jumping out of planes for this good cause!!!

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