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The French organisation Chiche ! had its Banquet (general assembly) this summer. We gathered at the plateau du Larzac not far away from Millau. We spent three days discussing politics and the role which Chiche ! can play to change the world !!!?? … Then we participated in the international event « Larzac 2003 » against WTO. Chiche ! is a small organisation, we want to have more groups making strong direct actions !!! We exchanged ideas and are hoping that the coming year will be successful ! France has actually a right wing government. The consequence? A lot of work, a lot of actions and demonstrations to protest against these stupid policies ( policy, social reforms…)!! Concerning FYEG, Cécile and Aude are the coordinators for Chiche ! (not the chiefs, but coordinators, please !). The first international event of this year is surely the European Social Forum in Paris, St Denis in November, we will meet there !!

Larzac 2003, what is that ?
This summer was no holiday for French activists! The artists are striking and the goverment does not pay attention to them, people demonstrate against unacceptable social reforms, activists are condemned to jail for having destructed GMOs… The meeting « Larzec 2003 » took place in this context of strong mobilisation; it was the opportunity to meet and discuss future actions… More than 200 000 persons came to protest against WTO and its GATSagreement or its liberal globalisation. Debates have been organised, films have been shown… Chiche ! had an information stand there, that was quite succesful ! People from the Grüne Jugend (Germany) visited us. Such an event gives energy to continue with actions !!!

Why the Larzac ?
This area is very famous in France. The first big non-violent fight took place in the 70ies there. The farmers protested against the extention of a military camp. It was the first time that the civil society (a lot of young hippies) joined the farmers to organise the resistence. It lasted 10 years, the repression was heartless, strong but the People won. And it continues now with the fight against liberal globalisation and GMOs…

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