News from Ireland

Since the return to school and college, the Irish Young Greens have been busy getting new members and making lots of plans for the coming year. The summe r saw everyone travel around Europe and further afield having a fantastic time (particularly on the Sumava trip by all accounts!) and now we are back with ideas and contacts for new events and campaigns. From November 10th each college group will work independently on a Depression Awareness Campaign -an issue which we feel is important and necessary for students to understand. Our National Conference will take place in Dublin this year at the end of the November.
As always it’ll be a great excuse for a knees up as well as some interesting debate. At the moment there is some really positive work going on among students around the country to build environmental committees on campuses and we are finally getting the authorities to accept the need for energy conservation, ethical purchasing policies, etc. We are really looking fo rward to the GA in the New Year and meeting up and sharing news, ideas and debate with everyone.

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