News from Malta

The New Year which has just started has brought along new challenges for Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh. The first task for us this year was to get down to work and discussing and planning all projects, campaigns and activities. To achieve this we had a very fruitful and successful internal seminar. The seminar’s results will be reaped along the year as we have carefully planned our 2004 calendar. The day then ended with a bang when we had a party in Rabat, the first social activity for this year.

We are also busy working on the Migration Campaign which will reach its climax at the end of February when ADZ will organise a national conference regarding Migration. The ADZ team running this campaign is also planning and preparing a poster campaign which will also serve as a build-up for the national conference. February will also see ADZ present in Rome for the launch of the European Green Party and the commencement of the common European campaign. Another issue closely linked with migration is racism and ADZ is planning to celebrate Anti-Racism Week (20th – 28th March 2004) by co-organising various activities culminating in a demo on Saturday 27th March. ADZ is working closely with other local civil society organisations.

We are looking forward to this year and the challenges it has brought. This is only the beginning!

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