News from Malta

Alternattiva Demokratika’s youth section previously known as Alternattiva Demokratika Studenti has been reorganized and changed its name into Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh – Green Youth (ADZ) ADZ – Green Youth has been rejuvenated by the influ x of a number of motivated and dynamic young persons. ADZ – Green Youth is an observer member of FYEG and is looking forward to obtaining full membership in February 2004. ADZ – Green Youth has participated in a number of activities organized by FYEG in Su mmer 2003 and is planning to participate in future activities. Over the coming months ADZ – Green Youth will organise a series of activities and campaigns (including migration) with the intention of creating debate and exchange of ideas between young persons. ADZ – Green Youth will also organize a number of social and political events to keep in touch with people of all age especially young people.

The temporary Executive Committee: Female Spokesperson: Joanne Bugeja, Male Spokesperson: Matthew Vella, Secretary General: Karl Attard, Public Relations Officer: Christian Azzopardi, Treasurer: Keane Cassar, International Secretary: Natalie Debono, Members: Francesca Galea, Timothy Mamo,Jurgen Balzan

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