News from UK

Young Greens UK organised presence at various summer festivals, such as Glastonbury and the Big Green Gathering. The next event will take place in London protesting against Europe’s biggest Arms Trade fair.

Main focus at the moment is the main yearly conference of the Green Party in Lancaster mid-September, and which will also be attended by Ska and Aude from FYEG (yeah!). Green Party conferences are open to all members, but often attended mainly by the older generation. That has started to change lately though, and we can have a huge impact on the party soon.

After Lancaster, university term starts, and for many of us that means organising freshers fair stalls. All new students visit freshers fairs in England, where organisations and student clubs present themselves. We are distributing leaflets and info-packs about the Young Greens in many university towns (about 40) across the UK.

In November, after the big ESF-conference-party in Paris, you are all invited to Oxford, where we shall be hosting FYEG GA. Even if you are not a delegate to the GA, you are welcome to come and attend our migration workshop, which will take place at the weekend. Basic accomodation can probably be provided, though no travel expenses.

I attended the EU enlargement study session and met some more of you – had an absolutely great time and interesting discussions (thanks!). We hope to see absolutely everyone at the FYEG General Assembly (18-23 November).

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