One parking day in Paris

« What are 9m² for you ? »

9m², it’s the surface of a parking place in the public space. But it could be so many other things…

As every year, on 22nd of September, the Parisian local group of the French Les Jeunes Ecologistes participated to the global « parking day » event, as part of the World Car-Free day. The idea ? To invest a parking space for a day, to pay the right to park, and install there something else than a car (yes because otherwise it doesnt make any sense)

9m² according to the Parisian Young Greens : 9m² of activism !

What to install ? On the Faubourg Saint Antoine street, Parisian young greens invited people in the street to interrogate them on this question : what do 9m² represent for you ? What could we do out of this space, if it was not devoted to cars ?

From pragmatic, to dreamy and utopian, through amertume or humor, the proposals invaded little by little the ‘expression walls’ offered inside the ‘box’ prepared for the event. Four walls that allowed to clearly imagine the -rather large- superficy of such a space dedicated to a car … «  it is the same size than my student room ! » specified a passer-by. In the street, a colored mosaïc was installed for the children to collectively draw the landscapes of a city where nature and culture would have more space.

The overall event has been a great success, a festive and positive day : lots of people, a great journalist going around the passers-by, and the visit of Christophe Najdovski, the candidate for EELV (French Green Party) for Parisian municipal elections, and Esther Benbassa (Senator EELV). It was an unique moment, that gave the Parisians the opportunity to discuss more largely the crucial questions of urban policies,  such as public space reaproppriation, the place allocated to nature within cities, or transportation issues.

Christophe Najdovski is the French Green party’s candidate for Paris municipal elections in 2015. «  9m²: a small piece of paradise »

Lots of great ideas to make out of 9 m² a space of happiness for all – including toilets, as you can see.

To learn more about the World Parking Day, and the World Car-Free day that took place all over the world and in Europe, you can go here, and here. Don’t forget to send your pictures, movies, and other souvenirs from this Worldwide action with us in writing to, and with the Global Young Greens board, at

Pictures credit : Lucas Wiki

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