Outcomes from the Winter Camp: Tips on energy saving!

The first step to the solution of the world’s energy problems is to reduce the energy consumption. According to the greenbook of energy efficiency of the European commission an average household, dependent on the current consumption, could save 200 to 1000 Euros of energy costs a year.

Here are some easy energy-saving tips for you:


 Avoid standby mode – turn your installations, equipment and devices off when you don’t need them.

 Baths are for two! – don’t get bored in the bath all on your own. Take someone with you and save energy. 😉

 Reduce heat and wear a sweater – nobody needs a tropical living room, so turn down your heating.

 Eat less meat – Not even considering transport and processing of animal feed and related problems, be aware that the gas emitted by cows, sheep and goats contributes to global warming! And this is not a joke! A global reduction of meat consumption by 10 % could already slow global warming.

 Turn off lights – a tenth of global energy consumption goes to lights.

 Use public transport – road transport uses on average five times more energy than train transport.

 Re-use and recycle – This way less raw material is used, energy needed for production is saved and CO2 emissions decrease

 Ride your bike! – Not only does this contribute to a healthier environment, it will make you look fit and sexy!

Tips and tricks:


 cover pots to keep the heat,  it’s saving two thirds of energy needed

 use pots and pans that fit the plates to increase the energy efficiency

 pre- boil your water in the kettle and add salt only in the end, because it heighens the water’s boiling temperature

 eggs, potatoes and even broccoli can be cooked with very little water, they cook (steam) in the water vapor

 never preheat the oven, use the afterheat, take average temperature, prepare your different foods at the same time and don’t open the oven while using it, 20 percent of warmth can get lost because of this

Laundry and washing:

 Line-dry your clothes! It will also make your clothes last longer.

 Wash your clothes on a low temperature, modern detergents are developed to still get your cloths clean.

 Reduce the amount of hot water used in the shower by installing low-flow showerheads; modern ones can save up to one half of your water consumption and they are not expensive!

What else?:

 turn off the heating when you open the window and/or open the window completely but just for a short period

 Remove and clean air conditioner filters monthly

 use your equipments without accumulators, main operation saves energy

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