Panjab Cooperation Society from Afganistan

Panjab Cooperation Society (PCS) is a non-government; non-profitable public Youths organization. Given the social problems and challenges, a group of youths joined their hands to constitute an association named as “Panjab Cooperation Society – PCS” in Kabul, 2007. The organization’s establishment dates back to the mid-2007 by a group of youths withstanding totalitarianism, dictatorship in educational institutions, i.e. university and schools and corruption in the governmental organizations. In the period of two years during which the initial activities were completed successfully, this organization acceded to most of its goals and objectives and in the same period, it entailed noteworthy changes in the educational system either of school or university nature. Basically, the founders of this organization launched their activities voluntarily and at their own expenses. Achievements’ resulting from this organization prompted the key founders to register the organization with the Ministry of Justice by the end of 2007.

The main objective of PCS is to contribute to the rehabilitation and reconstruction process of the country, to provide relief to the marginalized individuals and communities. PCS is implementing different projects including Rights Awareness, Peace Mediation, Education and Capacity Building, Access to Justice, Business Development Services, Income Generation and Campaign for Clean and Green Environment

PCS is an effective organization in raising awareness surrounding violence against women, anti corruption, child rights, campaigning for green and clean environment and anti-narcotic measures. It will remain committed in implementing projects to create awareness about human rights/child rights and to eliminate violence against women in the society.


  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Democracy
  • Social justice
  • Gender Equality
  • Team Work
  • Participatory Management
  • Green and Clean Environment


PCS through its feasible and effective programs including Campaigns, conducting of Workshops, education, awareness, advocacy, training/capacity building, income generation, peace building and business development is contributing to women empowerment, peaceful and green and clean environment and Afghanistan’s prosperity.


A peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan where each one of this country’s citizens enjoy equal rights and has easy access to the basic living facilities including education, justice, health services and where women are financially self-reliant and role of women can be noticed in all the spheres of life.


PCS Main Program Activities Focus Target Groups
1 Awareness  Advocacy and Peace Building Youth association, GOs, CDCs, women shuras, public shuras/leaders, religious shuras, youth, community as a whole, parents, university and school students, doctors, nurses and midwifes., General public, religious leaders, village influential elders, groups and individuals in conflicts
2 Vocational Trainings and Business Development Services Female, male, semiskilled, unskilled, unemployed segments of the population, new graduate of schools and universities, vocationally skilled individuals, house wives, disabled individuals.
3 Training and Capacity Building NGOs, youth associations, business associations, women associations, foundations, CDCs, Shuras, GOs, CBOs
4 Education and Basic Literacy Community as a whole (male, female), religious leaders, illiterate youth, businessman.

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