The FYEG General Assembly (GA) of 2006 was held in Poznan, Poland, from the 9th to the 12th of March 2006. 43 delegates from 31 Member Organisations were present. In total, 70 people participated in the event, including a member of the European Parliament and four people from the European Green Party. One of the hard, important decisions taken at the GA was to start the negotiations with the EGP to leave our position as an observer, and instead formalise FYEG’s status as the youth wing of the EGP. Other decisions taken include the granting of full member status in FYEG to organisations from Belgium, Luxemburg, Poland, Scotland, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Candidate organisations, which can apply for full membership at the next GA, were accepted from Andorra, Italy, Spain and Turkey. Two previous member organisations from Austria had joined forces and withdrew their memberships, instead joining in the form of a national platform. The Swedish member organisation withdrew their membership and instead applied for observer status, which they received. Observer status was also granted to the network of Green youth groups of Eastern Europe, Cooperation and Development Network (CDN). A new Executive Committee was also elected, consisting of Ska and Ernest as spokespersons, Jiri as treasurer, Efi as fundraiser, Jehki as MO coordinator, Marina as campaign coordinator, Joke as EU affairs coordinator, Ogy as projects coordinator and Markus as communications officer. Two resolutions were accepted, one on economics and decroissance, the other on migration. FYEG is fielding the resolution on migration as a proposed statement of the EGP at the Council Meeting in Helsinki, where a panel discussion, The Future is Ours – Youth and the European Greens, will also be held as a part of the programme. Two campaigns were accepted as FYEG campaigns. On the topic of climate change, FYEG will participate fully in the EGP campaign. On the topic of xenophobia, FYEG is starting its own campaign for the period 2006-2007 called Unity in Diversity. FYEG thanks all the participants!

Since the GA activities in FYEG have continued as normal, with a seminar, Women Power, being held in Budapest, gathering 35 young Green women to work on the topics of the “glass ceiling” and feminism. You will find a report, a reflection by an MEP and the final statement in the pages within.

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