Power to the people !

Nuclear power is one of the main threats to nature and human beings. For decades the green and social movements have been struggling to end the use of nuclear energy and the construction of more and more nuclear power plants – knowing that in no way were they as safe as governments and industry usually say. In its Political Platform, FYEG clearly states its objection to this power generation: “2.2 Nuclear energy must be stopped now. Therefore, import and production of nuclear energy, as well as cross-border transport of nuclear waste must be put to an end.”

Referring to that paragraph, a group of participants at the Human rights dialog from East to West seminar in Oxford worked to develop a project about nuclear power and alternatives. The idea is to have a bus tour from Kiev to the west of Europe, probably France as it is the most pro-nuclear EU country. On its way, the bus will stop in different cities’ nearby power plants to protest, inform and raise awareness. The tour aims to help the MOs, together with which the bus team will do activities in the cities. Together they will reach the people. By being present, giving out publications, drawing attention by doing actions and contacting the local media the public will be empowered. Power to the People!

Another idea is a cycling tour, just in the other direction – from west to east to raise attention and promote our policy on the way. But we’re not only fighting against nuclear power: “Power to the People!” is more. Our aim is to bring back power generation to a local level and to organise it in a sustainable way.

To make a FYEG campaign out of this we must also include some seminars to educate ourselves on the topic and to go on planning the big actions. But this will need enthusiastic and committed people who want to get active! The preparation and especially the fundraising will take a lot of effort and time. We want you to get a successful campaign and to end this nuclear adventure that’s threatening our common future. We already have a mailing list with which interested people can exchange their ideas and the latest news in the field of nuclear energy.

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