Pride In Belgrade

On 10. 10.2010. at 10h Belgrade will be host of Pride. Since attempt to organize these event in 2001, which ended with lots of violence, insane arguments and clear directions for what needs to be done in Serbian society, 2009. was another opportunity. If it is possible to say that this passed better, still many issues, problems occurred and no pride was organized. Still it was great moment for raising louder voice and approach to more people urging for human rights and state protections of very same.

This year, on less then week till Pride itself, it seems that finally, 5 days after 10th anniversary of 5th October and so called revolution of Democracy Pride will happen. We are sorry to say that this does not mean that Human rights protection and respect will take place too, still this is very important step towards it.

Federation of Young European Greens and Serbian Green Youth issued joint press realise, that you might find in attachment and in down text. By this email, apart form spreading word we are asking you to contribute to support Belgrade Pride, and Serbia in its way to civil, democratic, inclusive society.

On 10th 10.10. many countries will join its efforts in Climate change combat trying to make world a better place for all. Several hundreds of people will on Belgrade street try to do the same, urging for basic human rights protection, spreading civil values and being Proud on that.

Till next time…

Belgrade Pride

Serbian Green Youth and the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) support the Pride in Belgrade and express solidarity with the LGBTQ community. The Pride is a celebration of gender liberty, demonstration of human rights and fight against sexual discrimination and homophobia and is an important step towards a more inclusive society.

Serbian Green Youth said: “We see Pride as an important civil protest which will continue to raise awareness and increase understanding of the LGBTQ community. We hope this will help in ending the long history of discrimination and often violence the LGBTQ community has suffered. Pride will no doubt inspire debates and dialog which we consider a positive aspect of this protest. But we call for all people to be tolerant and understanding in their discussions and not resort to any kind of violence.”

However, FYEG is concerned that tolerance may not be respected: “The Belgrade authorities must guarantee the safety of all participants of this protest. On previous occasions this has not been the case with some people abusing their positions of authority by provoking a hostile reaction to the Pride. This is totally unacceptable and cannot continue in a free and fair society.”

Sympathetic citizens hope to demonstrate their support and help confront the misinformation and fear surrounding this event. Serbian Green Youth said: “We see this as a great oportunity to create a better understanding of the many differences which exist and hope these can be seen not as problems but as something to be celebrated.”

Julija Basic
SGY Co-spokesperson

Delfina Rossi
FYEG Co-spokesperson

Sebastian Power
FYEG Co-spokesperson

Nikola Mladenovic
SGY Co-spokesperson