Q&A with AWG-LCA Chair

AWG-LCA = Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action under the Convention


During the open LCA meetings there seems to be a serious lack of cooperation and too much focus on structure instead of the substance of the negotiations which has lead to a worrying lack of progress. For example the lengthy expenditure of time discussing spin off groups to the AWG-LCA.

How can this situation be urgently improved and momentum gained?”


We need to spend this time on process to reach consensus. I hope in China we can focus on what can be achieved. Let’s work with the parties to see what is achievable. What is not, must be put aside for now. Let’s isolate what is achievable from what is not.”

Back to the art of necessity V art of possible (see previous post)? Unfortunately the EU seems to think what is necessary is not achievable, so basically they’ll continue to exclude necessary targets from their policy making. Good to know.

Regarding the question regarding the LCA meetings now being closed to civil society, the business rep seemed very happy with this. I wonder why?

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