Rainy Rendezvous in Rome

From February 19 to 22 February 2004, Thursday to Sunday, FYEG had a youth conference in Rome with 65 people from all over Europe.

On Thursday and Friday we had a panel debate with over 100 persons on “Are the Greens getting old?”. Afterwards, in few hours without heavy rain, FYEG distributed together with Italian Green Party “Verdi” green condoms in Rome to protest against pope’s opinion on condoms and for using them as often as possible.
Friday evening the whole group joined European Federation of Green Parties’ congress, where they formed the “European Green Party” (EGP). Many people where surprised that approving this decision was only made by applause of those 1.200 delegates and guests.

There where decisions on different topics made, but they did not count. It was important for the EGP to have a perfect election campaign start, which was well done by Cohn-Bendit and Fischer. Even Northern European Greens did not interfere, it was too good a spectacle.

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