Secretary General? Youth wing?

A lot of questions are facing FYEG in the next half year or so. It is clear that FYEG today with 34 Member Organisations is not the same as that of a few years ago, and needs more people able to work on it in addition to the volunteers. At the same time, a lack in democratic control over the FYEG office is being addressed. As things are now, the Executive Committee hires and fires the office coordinator, who by necessity is forced to act in a political manner.

As a solution to both of these questions it looks like a proposal will be made on how the EC is formed, adding a Secretary General in the office. This would give one more person the chance to work for FYEG. It would also give a political mandate to one person to negotiate in Brussels, in addition to the spokespersons, who have to travel there for any big negotiations. This would give the MO’s direct power of electing the Secretary General.

Another big change is the one initiated at the General Assembly last March, when it was decided to negotiate with the European Green Party for the status of being their youth wing. The negotiations have been tight and a very interesting process, and are still not completed, but with clear progress. There is now a paper that outlines the mutual responsibilities of FYEG and the EGP, and, while it still needs some final touches, it is clear that it will be ready to present to the next GA, and hopefully be accepted there.

So, a lot to prepare yourself for by the next GA, which will take place in Vienna, Austria, 19th to 22nd of April 2007.

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