Slan agus Beanachtai libh

A chairde de reir an bia Iodailach ba mhaith liom cupla focail a ra.

I would like to think of this as a comprehensive guide to what I myself ate whilst in Rome. An yway, lets talk food.

On the first night we were brought to a delightful little pizzeria on the far side of Termini Station. I began by ordering an assorted platter of cold meats which was enjoyed by all, next I ordered a Calzone (which for some reason in Italian means trousers). I had no complaints whatsoever about this place as the standard of food here was far higher than that to be found in Dublin, Eire. Well the restaurant was so good we returned a second night where I fear we without doubt abus ed the free drink with meal policy. I didn’t worry too much about this, as I knew that my next meal was going to be a FREE all you can eat. Upon arriving at this joint I was too hungry to care what I put on my plate. I think I remember some sort of brown chili, potatoes, rice and what could have been cous cous but I wasn’t sure then and I’m still not sure now. In keeping
with the grand tradition of the all you can eat all these things were piled on top of each other thus making the job of distinguishing the ingredients even more difficult (this and the availability of free drink).

I will just quickly mention the Hotel Acropoli breakfast service. I must say I pretty much avoided the breakfast room between the hours of 8 and 10 as the one and only time I actually was down there I was served only bread and what appeared to be imitation coffee. Anyway, back to the all can eat which I ate. At the Auditorium we were served what I can safely say was the best all you can eat I ever ate. The foundation of my food pile was formed by many different breeds of lettuce, ranging from oakleaf to rocket. Next, I added a piece of quiche which I shall label as miscellaneous. After that I piled on several slices of Parma ham followed by Ravioli with tomato sauce. I believe there may have been some aubergine lurking around there also. By far the most interesting part had to be this crazy pasta with nuts which was unanimously praised. I shall now briefly mention the coffee breaks which too were something of a delight. Freshly squeezed juices, fresh Italian coffee, and a variety of cakes stretching endlessly from one end of the table to the other.

Finally, the Saturday dinner, a dinner which, I have been asked by some, to comment on. The alcohol, in comparison to the previous night, ran out surprisingly early (this is partly why later we ended up in an Irish pub). I personally only ate the salad which I thought was average as far as salads go. However, I was told to comment on the mushroom quiche which I am told was dodgy at best. Anyhow, I feel I may be dragging on a bit so I will end this here. I would like to point out briefly that my stay in Rome did not revolve entirely around food and I am aware that a European Green Party was formed between meals.

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