Soap bubbles and chocolate – a fair trade Action for fair trade in Norway

Grønn Ungdom, the Norwegian Green Youth, has launched a campaign for fair trade cities and municipalities. During the campaign, all 431 Norwegian municipalities will receive a letter from us, encouraging them to declare themselves as fair trade city or municipalitiy.

Miljøpartiet De Grønne, the Green Party, support our campaign, and where represented in local councils, green councilors will propose fair trade initiatives. In municipalities with active Green Youth groups, we will have local actions. In Bergen, green activists showed up in front of the city hall with fair trade chocolate and leaflets promoting fair trade.

Most people passing by were positive and pleased to taste fair chocolate, but some elderly people rejected our offer, accusing us for putting drugs in the chocolate. Well, we didn’t… But the chocolate tastes so fair and good, it almost makes you feel like getting high!

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