Strengthening diversity – European cultures from east to the west

CDN – Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe ( is announcing a call for the participants of the summer camp »Strengthening diversity – European cultures from east to the west«. This event will take place from 15th to 21st of July 2006 at mount Kopaonik, in the south of Serbia.

The summer camp is part of the European Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation “All Different, All Equal”.

Profile of the participants

This call is open for applicants coming from any of the Council of Europe member states and Belarus. The participants should be interested in the topics of this event, willing to take active part in the planned activities and open for new experiences and people. The advantage (but not the condition) is to have green organisation background and the experience with the topics of the event. Considering that this is a youth event the participants will not be younger then 17 and older then 32. The selection of the participants will be completed by the International Prep Team at the meeting in May, 19-21.

We would like to keep participation open for people of different education levels and with different backgrounds. Important is the diversity of experience and knowledge. The allocation of participants will be based on gender and geographical balance.

The application

DEADLINE for submitting the application (filled in application form attached to the call) to is 15th of May 2006 at 14.00 CET.

General conditions

If accepted as participant to this event, you should arrange your travel in most environmental friendly and economic way. You are expected to arrive before 15th of July and depart only after 2 am on 21st of July. Have in mind that your trip should be arranged only to Belgrade and there will be buses taking you to Kopaonik and back from the meeting point in the capital city.

The organisers will partly reimburse your travel expenses. At the moment we are not able to confirm the exact amount but we are aiming to be able to support up to 70% of your travel costs, upon presentation of all the original receipts. Transport from Belgrade to Kopaonik and back, as well as accommodations, meals, educational materials and refreshments will be provided by organisers for the entire duration of the activity, free-of-charge. The participation fee for the event will be set at later stage aiming at around 30 euro per participant.

Project information

Number of working days: 6

Working languages: English

Number of participants: 70


We want to:

• Learn more about differences in culture, history and present situation to better understand each other and therefore be able to work better in the future.

• Discuss with young people and encourage them to take active role in democratic processes as a basis for building intercultural societies.

• Determine comprehensive behavior and practices of Europeans within main aspects: cultural, political, environmental and social.

• Develop practical support tools that will improve co-operation between young people in Europe and support cooperation and dialogue between east and west.

• Become trained about the concept of European development based on diversity of cultures with aim of making equal opportunities and possibilities for all of the people priority.


By locating social obstacles based on intercultural misunderstandings we wish to improve shared accepting of differences and minor prejudices between people with different background and to support the vision of citizenship built and guarantees of equal rights for all individuals regardless of gender, race, age, religion, class, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, disability, wealth or health. Difference in traditions, religions, mentality, educational and social systems is producing obstacles for some people.

Our objective is to locate obstacles, study them and find proper solution how to turn them into positive power of diversity. Intolerance among European citizens has to be prevented by dialogue and learning processes. It is necessary to identify prejudices, discuss their background and find basis for future development within the mutual goal of intercultural understanding. Teaching democratic values are keys to mutual understanding, acceptance, respect and solidarity.

Finally, with this summer camp we would like to celebrate diversity and as such make contribution to the process of cultural mixture on our continent a new modern value by giving young people informal education, democracy training and the possibility to cooperate and build connections for the future.


We will arrange lectures, workshops, discussion groups, panel debates, educational games, role play. Through different program elements we want to experience how democracy works and to give opportunity to participants to learn about cultural and political differences and to develop approach to program elements which will ensure equal opportunities for all. Additionally working groups on specific issues will be formed to craft stand points of CDN and as well to start practical future project co-operation.

In order to promote intercultural learning and understanding, local organizers will make public action with participants. As well we will put in order visits and discussions with local organizations that are promoting cultural diversity. To ensure practical follow-up we will create report and social committee so participants are able to be active part of the seminar. We will produce photos, videos and texts that can be used in future activities.

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