Stuff for the General Assembly (GA)

The FYEG General Assembly (GA) will take place in Poznan, Poland, from the 9th to the 12th of March 2006. A large part of this issue of the Ecosprinter will be devoted to the most important yearly event of FYEG, the General Assembly.
We will give profiles of the candidates for the Executive Committee, starting with those who are not currently on the EC. Not all the candidates have replied in the suggested format, some because they replied so long before the deadline that the format was not even thought of. So please do not hold this against them! But feel free to question those candidates who write more about themselves than just a few paragraphs, for they are actually breaking against the recommendations for how long they have to introduce themselves. So, here are the candidates:

Name: Marina Barbalata

Organisation: Romanian Young Greens
Age: 21

Desired position: Campaign Coordinator

My name is Marina Barbalata. I’m a 21 years old student in Bucharest, Romania. I study Public Relations and Economics and, hopefully, I’ll be getting my graduation diplomas sometime next year.

I’ve been a member of Verzii – The Romanian Young Greens from the NGO’s very beginning, first believing in the concept and later working alongside a great, enthusiastic team on getting it started. Now, I’m a Board member of Verzii, which, although in its infancy, is a fast growing, promising organization.

My first contact with FYEG was in last year’s CDN Summer Camp, in Romania. There, I got familiarized with and liked the concept of the “Tell Me What I Eat” Campaign and Verzii decided to get it implemented at a local level. I coordinated the actions of the campaign in Romania and later on, was a prep team member at the Exchange within the FYEG Campaign in Ireland. And … I enjoyed working on these so much, that I decided to make a step forward and take on a new challenge: candidate for Campaign Coordinator of FYEG.

Name: Andreas Birnstingl

Organisation: GAJ AustriaAge: 27
Desired position: Campaign coordinator or EU affairs coordinator

Hola chicos y chicas, que tal!

As I’m running for the elections of the Executive Committee of FYEG, I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself a bit…

My name is Andi from the Plattform GAJ Austria (as the Gruene Jugend Steiermark now forms part of it) and now for five years already an active member of this organisation. Being one of the founding members, I’ve always been in the board, having had a variety of positions – from Deputy-Chairperson to International Coordinator. With this last position I came in contact with FYEG and was from the first moment on fascinated how it’s working and soon enjoyed participating in various meetings and seminars – both as participant as well as being part of prep-teams and/or report-teams.

Right now I’m on the FYEG-Wintercamp in Judenburg, Steiermark – a kind of stressy vacation because I’m studying in Valladolid, Spain since September.

I’d like to run for a position as Campaign- Coordinator or EU-Affairs-Coordinator in the Executive Committee because I think I can bring in (beside of passion) experience and good organisational skills. Facing times with all this struggle about having a constitution or not, climate change and societies turning neoliberal, we need to alert people and work on alternative solutions for making this Europe a better place. When I was working for the election-campaigns of the Greens Austria for the EP, I soon realized that it’s very important to start continual information processes and to involve more and more young people in European politics – processes which are very time consuming – time that I definitely want to bring in and help FYEG growing together and to improve its political influence on the European level.I’m hoping to receive a lot of your support.With kindly regards, Adéu,

Name: Ognyan Kovachev

Organisation: Bulgarian Young Greens
Age: 25

Desired position: Project Coordinator

What is….

… your previous involvement in FYEG?

My first involvement in an FYEG activity was in the summer of 2003 in August. I participated in the Summer Camp organized by Czech Young Greens in Shumava Mountains. The topic was “No forest, No future”. On this event we came up with the idea to have International week of the forest as we have it here in Bulgaria for 81 years already. The next event I took part in was in Budapest in December 2003. We had a lovely week working on the topic of Migration and refugees. On that seminar I got the nickname DJ Ogy. Afterward I was the delegate for the Bulgarian Young Geens at the General Assembly in Oxford in Great Britain.

In the summer of 2004 we had a great CDN summer camp in Macedonia at Lake Ohrid. We were focused on the topic for Sustainable Peace & Prosperity in The Balkans. The FYEG work in 2005 started with the General Assembly in Barcelona. The late July 2005 we had a pilot project named Sexual (R)evolution. We were small group but very fruitful indeed. In August the Summer camp organized together with CDN and Romanian Greens was held in Costinesti, on the Black Sea Coast. The topic was Human Trafficking in Eastern Europe. My last FYEG participation was in the Winter Camp. I took part in the prep team and in my opinion it was the best!

… your Green background?

I am among the greens since 2001 but I think green since i was in the beginning of my secondary school (15-16 years old). We were doing a lot of action for cleaning up our surroundings – kindergarden, play grounds, etc. Mountain clean up, reforestation and planting trees, bushes, etc.

… the position you will be applying for?
I would like to apply for the possition of Project Coordinator of FYEG.

… it you want to accomplish during the next year in the EC?
I would like to cope with the increasing number of projects that are coming in the FYEG calendar.

… the reason that you are the best choice to the EC?
I have more than two years of FYEG experience which will help me to do my tasks and to improve the functionality of the EC. I am motivated for this and hope it will be in benefit for the growing number of member organisations of FYEG in the future.

Name: Jehki Härkönen

Organisation: Finnish Young GreensAge: 21
Desired position: MO-coordinator

What is…

… your previous involvement in FYEG?
My last years’ occupation in Green Youth and Students’ Federation of Finland – ViNO has involved international work. I have taken part in FYEG GAs since 2004 as well as EFGP/EGP councils/congresses and their accompanying FYEG events since 2003. I have made contacts to FYEG member organisations and their activists.

… your Green background?
I joined ViNO in 2000. Since then I have been acting as a spokesperson and as a vice spokesperson. This year I am no longer involved with ViNO’s board and I am currently working with the national parliamentary elections.

My background in the Green League of Finland includes work candidacies in European and communal elections in 2004. Currently I work e.g. in International Affairs Working Group.

… the position you will be applying for?

I could imagine working in several positions according to my field of interest explained below. However I feel that the position of MO Co-ordinator could be the most interesting.

… it you want to accomplish during the next year in the EC?
Strengthening the organisation of FYEG. This can be accomplished in many ways: closer contacts between MOs and the FYEG actors, better and more clear communication, funding and more events. Ultimately, we should accomplish forming a European political actor that can take clear positions and influence the politics done in the European level. And what would I like to achieve politically? Climate and energy will be our major themes in Europe next year but we should also take part in discussion about EU and it’s function going in the EGP.

… the reason that you are the best choice to the EC?
I would love to act for stronger and more dangerous green youth political organisation in European level. I would bring the EC political experience and knowledge of existing green/radical political networks of Europe. And I do promise to give my full attention and time for it.

Name: Silke Gebel

Organisation: German Young Greens
Age: 22
Desired position: Fundraiser

I know I am new in FYEG so therefore a bit longer introduction to myself. For five years I am working in Europe for a united, sustainable, peaceful Europe of its inhabitants. I started this engagement in JEF (Young European Federalists)- a voluntary and pro-European organisation. But I always knew that I wanted to green Europe and so I joined the Greens more and more. The winter camp 2006 where I was prep team member for Young Greens Germany showed me that now it’s time to go on deeper with the European green movement. I believe that specially now when main decisions about the future of Europe are taken we need a strong green voice that calls for a ecological, fair, sustainable and peaceful Europe that comes from the bottom up.

I want to help with my engagement and with my experience to strengthen FYEG in this process. I have learnt in Youth work that money is not everything and that creativity and convincement can balance out a lot. But at least you need a base of money to work on. And with our creativity we will be able to find strategies to raise the funds we need for an independent federation.

One of the ideas I have is that I would like to establish a working group on fundraising. Because I live in Berlin I will be able to travel easy to Brussels for fundraising there, which makes contact with the MEP’s a lot easier. Due to the fact I have been working with the European programs I also have interesting ideas on how to work and apply to these funds. FYEG can have so much more financial input but we have to strengthen it. By the help of people from different MO’s we can work together on the fundraising and create with this a better Europe. I would kindly ask for your support. See you in Poznan!!!

Name: Milan Mitrovic

Organisation: Serbian Young Greens
Age: 23
Desired position: Campaign Coordinator

What is…

… your previous involvement in FYEG?
I was a member of FYEG Migration Campaign Prep team 2002 – 2003 I have participated in the following FYEG/ CDN events:

2002 – Sustainable Development in Eastern Europe, Topola, Serbia

2003 – The Balkans – Peace, Reconciliation and Development, Jahorina, Bosnia

2004 – Sustainability, peace and prosperity in the Balkans, Ohrid, Macedonia

2005 – EU and the Balkans – Visions and Perspectives, Novi Sad, Belgrade

2005 – Human Trafficking in Eastern Europe, Costinesti, Romaina

… your Green background?

Member of Serbian Green Youth from 2002.

Member of Belgrade Board of the Greens 2003

Member of Serbian Green Youth Main Board 2004 – 2005

Elected as Male Spokesperson of Serbian Green Youth from end of 2004

… the position you will be applying for?
Campaign Coordinator

… it you want to accomplish during the next year in the EC?
The main obstacle for coordination of Campaigns in FYEG was the fact that it is supposed to be implemented on the whole of Europe, with it’s great dissimilarities in social awareness. I will give most of my energy to improve the environment for easier engagement for all MOs to participate, use and spread FYEG Campaigns. East – West relations are good example for this. Better media coverage of FYEG Campaigns will be one of the priorities. Campaigns will involve variants which will be adjusted regionally, so that MOs can easily use it for media promotion on national levels. In order to lower the gap created because of “switching” period of coordinators, special attention will be given on creation of fully detailed plans for next year campaigns.

… the reason that you are the best choice to the EC?
I consider myself suitable because of my political/campaign work and because of being a true believer in green ideas. Through my work I have become known for excellent flexibility, for not being a deadline breaker, for being capable to grant great energy to the accomplishment of given goals and as a good organizer. Experience which I have gathered from various type of campaign work (from IT/statistical support to creator of campaigns) may improve quality of campaigns.

Names: Ska Keller and Ernest Urtasun

Organisations: German Young Greens/ Catalan Young Greens
Age: 24/24
Desired positions: Spokespersons

Dear young greens in Europe,

After one very busy but also amazingly interesting and inspiring year as Spokespersons we would like to run for a second term.

In the last year the EC has improved the work of FYEG in many different fields. We are little by little, step by step, making our network stronger, more active and influential at a European level. The Federation of Young European greens is growing day by day, and we can say that today we have a better and stronger relation with the European Green Party (EGP), we are more influent in the Youth Forum, we communicate better with our Mos, we have strengthened our financial capacities and we have organised more projects than ever. We can also say that our relation with other ENGO’s has improved. And our discussions on European issues inside the network are today more important than ever. That’s what makes us stronger than one year ago, and now we need to go further. For the next year, we would like to focus on the following issues:

– Make FYEG being more influential in the European Green Party. Though this has improved very much during this year, we need to make our voice heard and finish with the idea of the Greens as a one-generation party.

– Strengthen FYEG as a network with good communication between the Mos and between the EC and the MOs. We want to help MOs to realize international projects and to get in contact with other MOs. FYEG depends on the initiative of MOs and activists and we want to work with you on your ideas.

– Improve the already high quality of the projects that we do and offer training for prep team members.

– Make FYEG being stronger in the Youth Forum; the European umbrealla for youth organisations. Furthermore we would like to increase our contacts to other European Youth NGOs.

– Continue developing policies in FYEG and its discussions among MOs

– Bring FYEG more in the Press and continue with a good press work.

– Continue helping CDN with its work. Our daughter organisation in Eastern Europe is doing a great job, and we have to continue working close to them.

– A continued good team work within the EC!

Last but not least, we have to say that our motivation comes as well from all the other current EC members with whom we have an excellent relationship: Arend, Joke, Jiri, Efi, Sue, Jacopo and Markus and of course the office co-ordinator Maarten. Thanks to all of you!

All of them are the reason for us to go on one more year with this project; for the team work, the friendship and the inspiration and motivation that we got from FYEG is an amazing experience.

Thank you very much,
Ska & Ernest

Name: Markus Drake

Organisation: Finnish Young Greens
Age: 29

Desired position: Communications officer

What is…

… your previous involvement in the FYEG?

I first attended a FYEG event in 2003, the Gender Trouble seminar in Strasbourg. I encountered a lot of great people, but unfortunately commitments in Finland kept me from participating actively on the European level for quite some time. I did, however, happily take the opportunity to run for the FYEG EC with the backing of the Green Youth of Finland (ViNO) one year ago, and have since had little time for other things. To be a part of the FYEG EC during the past year has taught me things that I did not even know were there to learn!

… your Green background?I joined ViNO in 2001. Since then I was elected to serve as spokesperson twice, stood in one general election in Finland and have been part of several working groups in ViNO. A large part of what I consider my Green background is, however, outside of parties and their youth organisations, in the movements and NGO’s of a wider Green milieu. I have a solid background of acting Green on a European level, both within publishing, networking and co-ordination. I still maintain connections to the extra-parliamentary spaces, movements and NGO’s, even if my FYEG-work has taken away a large part of the possibilities for active participation.

… the position you will be applying for?
I will for sure apply to continue as Communications Officer of FYEG. I believe it is one of the positions that is quite hard to get started with, but once you really get going, you can achieve nice things. I definitely want to keep developing the things that have gotten started during my year as a Communications Officer, and kick off some new ones.

… it you want to accomplish during the next year in the EC?
Well, first of all I will keep up the routines that took some time to build up, getting the Newsletter, the Ecosprinter and the website updates all out on time, like they are doing now. This minimum of activity could, however, not be enough. I am currently far gone in fundraising for a more ambitious publication on the theme of xenophobia. I hope this publication will be the completion of the things I spoke of at the GA one year ago, and so far things look good. I hope this paper will be only the first step in creating a longlasting series of publications for the European Young Green movement.

… the reason that you are the best choice to the EC?
I really enjoy what I do as Communications Officer. That, in addition to the fact that I am able to do it, and have felt a great working community with the other EC members, all of whom I greatly respect, means that I constantly have kept improving the work I do for FYEG, and I can see no reason why this trend should change!

Name: Arend Hamstra

Organisation: Dutch LeftGreen Youth
Age: 25
Desired position: MO-coordinator

Arend Hamstra, 25, from Dwars is running for a second period in the Executive Committee of FYEG after a nice year organizing projects it is time for spending energy on the cooperation of FYEG and between the members. First of all, I have learnt much about the Federation of European Young Greens.

Last year I couldn’t have run for Member organizations due to little knowledge of what I believe FYEG should be and what its main focus should be. After a year organizing projects I have concrete ideas how to make FYEG stronger and more cooperating with its members. From the feedback I have gotten from all the participants during the projects I organised I believe I was a good project coordinator.

Also the feedback made me think what the most important FYEG things should be. Therefore not an extra year of project making but as member organisations coordinator.

– More and better contact and communication between FYEG members themselves

– Better contact and information sharing between FYEG and its members

– FYEG should play an important role facilitating, for example both by the service of phone conferences and by space on the internet.

– Visit the organizations during their General Assemblies or congresses to show the presence of FYEG and explain what we are doing

– Creation of a database with all projects/leaflets/demonstrations etc done by the members, to share knowledge and don’t do double work. Why not use a successful leaflet in different countries?

Due to the experience I have as working in the board of Dwars, board of FYEG, Greens in Amsterdam and Netherlands I can also help members if they need to have information on how to work or other problems. Projects and campaigns are one of the most important issues that FYEG should be working on together with the political work in Brussels and else. The political work is doing fine, but I believe the board of FYEG should do more on the relations with the members. This is a task that fits me. If FYEG wants to create stronger identity and integration between its members it needs me, due to the fact I work much on FYEG because my heart is in it. Communication, cooperation and facilitating are the main focus of my next year, if you will choose me

Name: Jirí Jerábek

Organisation: Czech Young Greens
Age: 26
Desired position: Treasurer

Dear GA candidates,

As you have the mandate to elect me, allow me, please, to explain what I have:


– I am a treasurer of FYEG since March last year. During the time I learned a lot – is not easy job and I hope I was doing not totally wrong.;-)


– I studied finances on the high school and on the university.


– to work for FYEG, to change the world and make FYEG being the driving force.


– to run after the year once more.


– as a student I will have time during the next year to be an active member of the EC.


– of my mother organization – see the “support letter”

Green brain

– I do environmental studies; spend most of my free time with greens, young greens, European young greens and soon global young greens.


– having strong FYEG (with strong budget), lively exchange between young greens, our voice heard in the Youth forum and a young generation greening the world.


– to see what we did not ideal and could be done next year better. Try to make our statistics, booking and accounts clearer and easy to get a quick overview and of course improve the communication on all levels – as usual 🙂

Mladi zeleni, as a member organization of Federation of Young European Greens,would like to express, by means of this letter, it’s full support in the case of Jiri Jerabek’s candidature and recommend him to all member organizations for his position: member of Executive Committee of FYEG. We know Jiri as a hard-wroking, responsible and goalseeking person, who has organised or coorganised different discussions, speeches or international exchanges whether on the national or the international level. Since he studied economy and how is studying environmental studies we think he is the proper person for the FYEG treasurer position. Due to the fact he has been a member of the Executive Committee of FYEG, he also has many international experience and contacts.

The best thing on Jiri is he can cook a very special and tasty chalva. He is a bushman, sometimes voluntary simple what you can easily see on his mind and talks and plus he has a very wise girlfriend, hopefully wife soon. That is a good base for his potentional future. In other words he is a very funny and smart guy. Mladi zeleni beleive that Jiri is able to fullfill all the tasks demanded from the FYEG’s side. Josef Šmída, chairman

Name: Joke van de Putte

Organisation: Belgian Young Greens
Age: 24
Desired position: EU affairs coordinator

What is…

… your previous involvement in FYEG?
Currently, I am the campaign – co-ordinator of FYEG. This means I have been organising FYEG’s campaign on organic food and GMO’s. Therefore, I set up a campaign team that worked on publication materials (reader, stickers and t-shirts), the web site, actions and ideas. I presented FYEG’s campaign at several FYEG- activities in order to convince MO’s to engage in it. I presented the campaign on several EGP and Green Groupactivities as well, because I believed it important for them to know what FYEG is doing. Together with the Irish young greens, I organised an exchange on organic and fair food and GMO’s in Ireland. The campaign will end during the GA in March 2006 in Poznan, with a closure action and debate.

… your Green background?
I have been a member of Jong Groen!, a Belgian MO of FYEG, since 1999. My first green activity was a FYEG activity: I participated at the picnic in Paris in May 1999. In the same year, I set up a local section of Jong Groen! in my city, Aalst.

I became member of the Jong Groen! GA as a delegate of Jong Groen Aalst. One year later, I was elected as a board member of Jong Groen. In September 2003, I became member of the political council of Groen!, the Flemish Green Party. In October 2004, I was asked to become the Campaign- Co-ordinator of Fyeg in order to run the campaign on organic food. In March 2005, I was elected as Campaign Co-ordinator in Fyeg’s Executive Comittee.

… the position you will be applying for?
I will be applying for the position of EU – Co-ordinator

… it you want to accomplish during the next year in the EC?It is essential to green politics that the issues greens strive for don’t stop at the borders of our countries. Green politics is about a global vision on the long term.In order to develop this global vision, it is crucial for European green parties to co-operate and work on a common European vision. But often this kind of co-operation gets stuck because of practical problems. And it is here that FYEG can play its part: young people are often more flexible to work on common ideas, they are less bound to political situationsand can therefore propose more challenging solutions. I believe FYEG is the body to work on a fresh, challenging and green European common vision. As a strong youth organisation, FYEG can propose the EGP and Green Group new ideas and can even put pressure on them if needed. Of course, FYEG is not only aiming at the EGP and Green Group: we send out our own press- releases, organise actions and are active in the youth forum. As an EU- co-ordinator, I would like to improve the relations between FYEG, the Green Group and the European Green Party. Although we certainly don’t need to agree with them all the time, I am convinced we can learn a lot from them. On the other hand, the GG and EGP can learn from the political work of FYEG and its MO’s as well. Politically, I would like to focus in the next year on topics such as:

-organic and fair food, GMO’s

-diversity, migration, refugees

-climate change

-the Balkans

… the reason that you are the best choice to the EC?
Apart from being an EC- member of FYEG for 1,5 years, I have been organising and participating in plenty of FYEGand CDN- activities. During those activities, I gained a lot of knowledge on several topics. I have been active in green politics for 7 years now. During this period, I learned how politics function.

I believe I became quite an experienced politician after being a candidate for the elections twice. Especially during my candidacy for the European Parliament I learned a lot on how to defend the green point of view. EU- politics have always been my main point of interest. In 2003, I wrote my thesis on how the European Unions bodies function (with the focus on the language policy). This knowledge will help me to find my way in the European labyrinth. I believe EU can do better: with FYEG, we should strive for a more social and greener Europe. The past EC was a very nice experience for me. The atmosphere between the EC- members was fantastic and this contributed to the well- functioning of FYEG. These good relations were a decisive reason to stand again as a candidate for the EC. I hope the next EC will be able to co-operate as well as the current EC does.

Name: Efi Xanthou

Organisation: Cypriot Young Greens
Age: 25
Desired position: Fundraiser

Dear fellow FYEG’ers.

I believe most of you know me but for those who don’t, my name is Efi Xanthou.

I am a Cypriot by nationality and a firm European by heart. I have been working on FYEG matters since 2003 and I am the outgoing fundraiser of the previous executive committee. I have decided to run again for the same position this term. the main reason is, although I must admit that there are a lot more that could be done, I believe that I did a good enough job this term and would like the chance to develop further our fundraising techniques and expand our horizons even further. I think you will like the news you will hear during our financial overview. all I can say is the previous ec team did a great job and I would really like the chance to continue to be a part of this team. See you all in Poland then!

Cheers Efi

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