Switzerland goes Europe

3rd July, 10 a.m.: A bunch of young people get off the train at the railwaystation in sleepy Luterbach in the Swiss Canton of Solothurn. Carrying big back-packs they are looking for the way to the scout-home, where the Young Greens of Switzerland (YGS) will hold their second annual political weekend. In the middle of it all…

This year, YGS has chosen to discuss Switzerland’s role in Europe. Geographically right in the centre of Europe, tiny but wealthy, Switzerland has so far kept itself out of political Europe, the EU. So YGS had set out to thoroughly go through the advantages and risks of a superior European political level from a Green point of view. To give the discussion more of a basement they had also invited Ska of FYEG and Sämi of GSoA, the Group for a Switzerland without an Army.
Five main themes in workshops and discussions led by these two and other “experts” they worked on the fi ve main themes: military defense and security in Europe, migration in Europe, borders of Europe, energy in Europe, social security in Europe.

Discussion to continue.
After two days of hot discussions, hard work and also lots of fun and good wine, YGS have come to see that Switzerland will, in the long run, not be able to keep itself out of Europe. And they have also agreed that several of the discussed themes could possibly be solved in a united Europe. But they have not come to a clear pro-EU-vote: To several Young Green Swiss the Union appears in many ways undemocratic, not environmentally conscious and working towards economical globalization. YGS will continue the discussion and try to launch it among the other young political organisations and Parties in Switzerland. One day the Swiss will be part of Europe again. They are getting there, slowly but steadily, like a Swiss watch, “Tic, tac”.

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