Talking about Climate Talks! Wrap up of the 2014 Bonn Intercessional

Last week the Ecosprinter gave you a range of coverage of the UNFCCC intercessional meeting in Bonn, Germany. We hope you liked them and gave you a little bit of an idea of what exactly goes on at these international meetings.

All of these pieces were written by young people who attended the negotiations, either as FYEG delegates or just friends we met along the way. In a world where people can’t usually be bothered to write more than a 140 character Tweet, we think this is pretty cool- so we thank you for your contributions and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

In case you missed any of our coverage, you can find the entire selection here:

– Why Net Zero is going to be next big thing and why you should get on board now!

– Paris is beautiful and all, but let’s start thinking beyond 2015

– An all you need to know mid session update from the negotiations!

– Climate change? More like climate crisis!

– March is coming in the Game of Climate

– If you want a voice, then don’t forget about Article 6.

– The return of Volveremos!

Additionally, the Ecosprinter was lucky enough to chat with some of our fellow youth representatives in a series called UNFCCC Conversations.

the youth delegate

the article 6 champion

the raconteur

the leader

the newcomer

the government intern

the veteran

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