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Argh, October is coming and with it, cold air, despair and hunger. But The Ecosprinter might have found you a solution for the last of these, through a special page on what everybody really cares about (we all know this “Environmental protection” thing is a joke, no? yes, maybe…?) : I called

……………………………FOOD !

Each month, everybody is invited to come in the Ecosprinter kitchen and to share with us ( your recipes, ideas, inventions and masterpieces; and of course the greener the better! Vegetarian and vegan cookers are especially welcome to share their tricks to make good food out of nothing (haha, meat-eater talking) and to convince all of us to make the move !

We’d like to begin – while waiting for your ideas – with a great project impulsed in Australia for the occasion of the “Good food month”, the largest food festival in Australia, who called on the communication agency  WHYBIN\TBWA to promote the event, designing these delicious 19 flags out of traditional food of each country.

Guess to which country belong these flags

All this good looking stuff is for sure making everyone hungry.

The blog of the Creator’s project analyzed as well this tendency of Humanity these days to chose aesthetic values over taste and quality :“maybe it’s the future of food”. “All food — even the natural stuff like sushi — could be iridescent and techni-colored when our kids grow up. “

Somehow disturbing : a cat made out of fish.


Who knows. (not this dog)

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