The vagina monologues

Eve Ensler who wrote the vagina monologues has written about the worldwide vagina revolution. In 2003, more representations of the play will be held in various venues. Ensler writes that “…2003 must be the year when we envision a new world, where violence has ended and V-World is finally born.  allowed to be born in China, India and Korea ♂ swimming in Iran ♂safe in their beds at home in the United States, Europe and Asia ♂eating ice cream in Afganistan ♂ keeping their clitorises in Africa and Asia ♂wearing blue jeans in Italy  ♂ voting in Kuwait ♂ walking in the park at night in the United States ♂ openly flirting in Jordan ♂safe at parties on college campuses ♂ playing with toys and not being sold as them in Asia, the Unitied States, Europe and Eastern Europe ♂ driving cars in Saudi Arabia ♂ wearing trouseres in Swaziland ♂ safely walking home from work in Juarez, Mexico ♂ Enjoying sex ♂ celebrating their desires ♂ loving their bodies ♂ running the world.

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