Young Greens in Eastern Europe in 2020

When we think about Young Greens in 2020 maybe we should see where the society will stand then. It is very hard to predict the future, but there are some clues that can be tracked.

Green values are not always inwrought in system of values, still there are many parts of traditions, custom laws, education and breeding that are even direct obstacle for being Young (and being) Green. The way how politics and political engagement  have been treated in Eastern Europe is not offering  enviable alternative to youth activism; simple corruption, mandate sale, leader cult…etc. are not good invitation for youngsters to become politically and socially active. Further, we must be aware that there are still some countries in region that are in conflicts and wars, that there is prohibition on some of basic human rights as mobility, freedom of speech and association, education. On the other hand, some of these can, and is, procreating revolt and initiatives for changes. Enthusiastic, vigorously, strong in will and persuasion, critical, sustainable or simple said Young Greens.

If the young greens are mostly originate from desire for changes, followed by ravishment for actions, by not so many people but raising membership all the time, what is missing is green education and usually political focus next to pure activism.

So, if  we dissect doors of the future a bit, we will see Young Greens, in general not so much different from what we are now. Young, motivated, active people that are strive for positive change. Still, hopefully society will change enough (and that is what we are going to do till then) to give Green as covetable option to young people. Through learning and engagement, stepping forward inch by inch we are creating society in which, Young Greens will be active part of their own society, aware, laborious, critical giving the clear Green scope and solutions on actuality.

Like said before, it is hard to predict the future, but it is necessary to fight for it…

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