Tree week-end

On 21st March, the first Tree Weekend took place in Flanders. This is a new initiative of the Flemish League against Cancer (VLK) supported by Jef Tavernier the Flemish (Green) Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Development Cooperation. Each province got 100 000 m2 of land that will be filled with trees. Trees could be bought for 5 Euro, of which 1 Euro went to VLK.

Of course Jong Groen! had to be represented in the new forest, so our local group bought some trees and went there to plant them. We were very lucky to get help from Maltese Young Green Natalie Debono behalf of ADZ and also planted a tree for Chiche!

To attract more people, the organisers had also gathered some famous Flemish people (we call them bekende Vlamingen or BV) soap-opera actors, singers, TV-personalities etc. … which made it fun for children and older people to plant their trees together with their hero.

After the actual work the Young Greens had a beer and an apple and proudly drove home through the Flemish land.

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