Tunisian Revolution In The Eyes Of A Tunisian Citizen

Hello my friends, I’m Mouna Hamrita, a Tunisian citizen working in the field of youth, member in AJMEC (Association des Jeunes Mediterranées pour les Echanges Culturels) organization. I would like to share my feelings about the Tunisian revolution with you.

First, I would like to express my great happiness and pride to have lived and witnessed this great historical achievement. I’m happier because, the Tunisian Youth were the ones who initiated this revolution. The story started by a 26 years old “Mohamed Bouazizi” graduated guy burning himself after being refused to be given a license to buy fruits in his town city center. This incident arose the feelings of oppression among the youth of his region leading to manifestations in different regions of Tunisia. The ex president “Zine Abidine Ben Ali” went to the hospital to visit Mohamed, and declared that he will punish the officer who insulted Mohamed and refused to give him license to work….Mohamed died, and the manifestants went more and more expressing their anger about the government ignorance of the youth needs, and the autocratic system that is turning deaf ears to the people, asking the government to decrease unemployment, giving jobs to qualified people, and to stop corruption in all fields…etc.

In fact, Tunisian people were aware that to realize these demands, Ben Ali’s corrupt government must be thrown. Definitely yes, 14 January 2011, the main street of the capital “Habib Bourguiba” was black, full of manifestants who were holding statements like “Ben Ali Degage”, “Game Over”, “Ben Ali is a criminal” …etc asking the president and his government to leave. As you can see, our revolution was peaceful and it was based on a civilized way of manifesting.

Under the pressure of the people, the Dictator “Ben Ali” escaped the country with his family, but before leaving he left his supporters, which were groups of mafia police who spent days shooting people with fire. These days, were terrible for all Tunisians because we are peaceful people, we are not used to wars and violence in that way. Yet, the young people were courageous enough to protect their regions from those criminals. The Tunisian army was great in fighting them and putting an end to their violence and killings. Many young people killed for freedom by those criminals. But, we believe that they are martyrs and any revolution leaves losses.

Now, we are starting Tunisia with new eyes, as we wanted to be. We are starting to feel and breathe freedom. These feelings have made us more insistent to work hard to rebuild our country in a free atmosphere and far from the corruption of those in power. Now, the willingness and the decisions are the people. Tunisian people have proved that he is able to build the future with an educated and aware generation of youth.

Briefly, Tunisian revolution main demands are employment by putting the right person in the right place, equal distribution of wealth and power among the regions, and free media and Arts. It is a revolution for freedom, dignity, and real citizenship and anti marginalization of people with fewer opportunities in society. Finally, I would like to say that It is all depends on education and awareness of young people because they are who made the difference in Tunisia, they are who gave Tunisia a new age of freedom. Let me say “Bless the Martyrs for freedom, and thank you Tunisians for your union and solidarity in that revolution…and life to TUNISIANS AND TUNISIA.