UNFCCC Conversations: the Lookout #FYEGClimateDel

During the UNFCCC Intercessional we’ve noticed that a lot of our fellow youth know a lot about this process and we thought why not share their expertise with everyone?

Norway is an interesting country that is in an awkward position of being one of the biggest financial contributors to combating climate change, while also being a major producer (and profiter) of fossil fuel. But don’t fear, young Norwegians like Tale aren’t letting this hypocrisy go unnoticed.

Tale, Norwegian youth

Why are you here?
I’m here because I need to be here to understand whats going on. I need to be able to have an influence on the Norwegian politics especially oil and double standards. We are good at talking nice in the United Nations but we still pollute extremely.

What is the biggest issue for you here?
I’m concerned in these negotiations is that climate justice won’t be in focus in the different work streams and different areas. Human rights and climate change are hand in hand.

What is the most important message for young people at home to know?
the most important message is that you can actually make a difference. We seen that in bigger and smaller cases especially in local problems, youth always like tell this is not good enough and we manage to make a difference. If we just stand together you have a strong voice.

How would you explain to your grandmother what you are doing here?
Well my grandmother is really smart so I would say that I’m going to the negotiations in Bonn and she would say ahhh okay!. Where you there in March she would probably say.

But for other grandmothers, I’d probably tell them I’m going to tell people who don’t do their jobs how to do their jobs.

Final words?