War for foreign ‘interest’ and fatal war outcomes for have-not Nepalese

According to my understanding, is there any necessity of the 10 years Nepalese civil war (1996-2006) in Nepal? May be we need to revise the Mao political theory and its application in Nepal or need to study the sentiment of the then guerrillas leaders with today’s sentiment. But, one thing is almost crystal clear; Civil War is like nightmare in Nepalese history which had given strong unpleasant response to every Nepalese mind.

Plot of war and assessment

What I perceive is that, the baseline of the 1996 war- Ethnicity & Ethnic Rights, federalism, Republic and motive of establishing somehow globally theoretically failed political mechanisms which had been wiped out by the Western Capitalistic bloc in 1991 as the ultimate end to the Cold War and dissolution of the Soviet Union- factually played with sentiment of the have- not people from the Mid-Western Region of Nepal(Thawang- capital of Maoist insurgency) probably with the support of different muscular ‘intelligence’ vigorously active at that time.

Wasn’t this literally, planned ‘instability’ in the land of peace or the sake of certain groups’ antagonism which penetrated in to the Nepalese society with deadly consequences and appearing like a never healing war nightmare. Technically, it was unbelievable to hear of those demands at that time, to dismantle the then contemporary government system with ‘foreign funded’ political ideology often termed as ‘progressive’ people’s  movement. Today, it is depressing to observe these  goals which are now being totally like folklore and play makers are really playing some, ‘short cut’ in the Singha Durbar (aka Capitol Hill or Kremlin for Nepalese bureaucracy) for the interest of their overseas godfather whose influenced often are observed in the country and some sorts of neo-colonizer deadly dismantling the inner-core structure of the country’s mechanisms.

It is now unbelievable to pass this long gravel boulevard pepped with war crimes and almost fragile infrastructure and growing parasitic nature regarding aid-dependency.

From Bullet to Ballot

After the heroic people’s movement of 2004/2005, our ‘freedom fighters’ entered in to the  mainstream politics of Nepal formally taking part in the election with gigantic peoples’ mandate giving up ‘underground’ political approach for the purpose to draft new and tough constitution. Sadly, their effort does not work and they failed to draft the new constitution. Separation of their political ideas had promptly appeared after they entered in to the competitive legislative model of politics in 2005 which they frequently called it (handshaking with the bourgeois legislative decision maker).

Several brainstorming took place regarding the formation of federal model structure of the country or in the western language ‘balkanization’ on the basis of the ethnic identities without zero percent homework. Disintegration of the Maoist party took place-Taking up Communist ideology very strictly or transforming one’s into legislative model-conflict hugely appeared inside the party-finally the party disintegrated !

 With increasing hate emotion of people towards ‘federalism’ Nepalese people seem  like now giving up their demand for federalism. The current model of government system which is truly centric model operated by Capital, Kathmandu deliberately needs modification. But, how and on what basis is still needs to be brainstorm.

There were serious wave occurred in Nepal from French, Swiss, the US, India and the Scandinavian countries to adhere their experiences for constitution making process in Nepal. But, none of the wave seriously penetrated the Nepalese policy makers. Recently, there was Constitution Assembly election took place for the second time in the world’s history which bypasses the Maoist in to the third largest party with severely loosing seats in the assembly. And, still confusion is going on, whether the constitution will be drafted or not?

Transitional Justice and Human Rights infringement issues during 10 years conflict in Nepal

Bunches of war crime stories are hanging out in the authorities’ files and struggle for their successful landing -Transitional Justice, Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation reports- struck in the ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’ hurdles of the country. With the bubbles of NGOs & INGOs in the Capital and their self-proclaimed efforts towards TJ issues, weep of victims & disintegration of their families and inefficiency of the Government, purely has been the result of the so -called mighty political attitudes and their day dreaming for country’s vibrant transformation, long back in the date of 1996 ensuing many youngsters in to the flames of war.

It is really disheartening to see the lack of ‘Lion’s roar’ towards the sensation for the country which used to exist during the war. With vastly growing lawlessness and the emergence of new class of people probably rapist, killer, goon etc. in the mainstream politics truly explicate where we are heading and what may be future consequences? It would not be fable in the future with these dark image leaders advocating for rape as the procedure for extreme sexual satisfaction and Amnesty for this crime.

Rape, torture, killings, abductions, kidnappings, disappearances and smashing of the country’s infrastructure are mockingly, the USP (Uniquely Selling Product) of the 1996 war; which often floored for head-to-head debate on giving unique tagline for ‘pre-planned’ foreign rooted violence as the ‘liberation’ of the ‘proletariat class’. ‘Freedom Fighters’ are now deliberately successful in bringing new terminology to the Marxist Communist Manifesto, as the Neo-Nepali Bourgeois out compassing the other Class system in the Communist world and up to some extent providing an awesome blow to Capitalist in terms of Materials gathering.

Aid effectiveness and victims assistance program

Cloudburst of foreign funds are  pooled for Transitional Justice issues in Nepal with the broader goal of helping out victims in terms of psycho -social Counseling, relief and reparation, legal advocacy/counseling etc. But will that be enough to placate the victims with literally punctured state regarding TJ involving top level leaders with painted hands by ‘blood soul’ of the innocent people. Are we evaluating ourselves (NGOs & INGOs) regarding our efficiency to lift up victims and disintegrated emotions of those people through capital centered approach where basic mechanisms are still need to decentralized rather developing media attention to the country’s capital only?

Leaders are now morally wicked and appearing as null chance of providing justice to the people with the scrutiny of overall war crimes took place during ten years war-engagement of ace leaders-They possibly like never going to take that responsibility what they had done-TJ remains in vacuum.Campaigning, protesting, lobbying, meeting etc. are probably being’ glamour’ portion of the aid sector that  goes uninterruptedly in practice. I would not be judging these stuffs as the decisive factors for achieving TJ goals and this would be enough to apply pressure on the government- cluster of media’s people catching you and literally selling tears of victims -doesn’t mean that we have done some truly innovative task at the  eye of our foreign friends.


But, isn’t it more urgent to think in a radical way regarding TJ issues as the shadow of violation which is now being slowly omitted by the perpetration? Otherwise, it is more realistic to re-think about the basis of us being paid in the context when we actually fail to succeed in our goal. Rather, only bullying politicians for breaching the country’s national  funds. We may be in the same position as the leaders are now.

Let us brainstorm for this one!

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