What are we up to in Cyprus?

Theodosia Hadjiloe was the candidate for the European Union elections from the Cyprus Young Greens. For the past month the pre-election campaign has been at its peak. Here, you can find some details of the events we organized.

On Sunday 23rd May we organized under the Legabiente umbrella a beach clean-up at Lara in Paphos where the green sea turtle Caretta caretta lays its eggs. It’s the 10th continual year that Cyprus Young Greens are participating in this campaign which has as a title, Clean-up the Mediterranean.
In the same day members of our organization distributed pre-election material in the small port of Paphos.

On Saturday 22nd May we organized an Action outside the American embassy to protest against the policy of the United States to meddle in any situation around the world, just because they are considered to be a superpower and they believe that they have every right to threaten people in order to have it their American way. For example the Iraqi people who have suffered tortures caused by American soldiers’ notions of justice. Members of Cyprus Green Party dressed-up in orange activist jump suits that they normally use for activist events. Co-incidentally they look like US Military Prisoner uniforms, such as those found inside Camp X-Ray or jailed in Iraq are forced to wear. Each
activist represented a different character; a Greenpeace environmentalist, a Cypriot voter, a Palestinian demonstrator and an Iraqi prisoner. At the end of the event Theodosia gave statements to the national press.

We held press conferences on:
• Culture and education
• Genetically Modified Organisms
• Unconsidered placement of GSM antennas.
• Presentation of the Green Party MP, Mr. George Perdikes’s work for the past three years.

Visits to Cyprus villages in order to inform people about the European Union elections and distribute information material about the EU elections were held.
Appearances on national TV and discussions on radio programs.
Visits to colleges, bars and clubs in order to distribute European pre-election campaign material and offer organic wine produced in Cyprus.

On Friday 4th June Cyprus Green Party organized, Environmental Awards whereby Cyprus Young Greens gave two awards to schools that have taken action in order to protect the environment. The first one was awarded for the Renewable Resources Plan and the second for Action on Animal Rights.

On Saturday 5th June we organized a day long event in Eleftheria Square, which is Nicosia’s main square, to honor the World Environment Day with special reference to the caretta-caretta turtle.

However, even if the Cyprus Green Party did not have the best expected result in the European elections, we will keep up the good work in order to succeed in the next MP elections. Therefore, for the next two years both the Cyprus Green Party and Cyprus Young Greens will keep working hard for a better result.

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