rebecca   “To be green means to think about today and tomorrow. As a gardener, I learnt that you fail if you focus only on this year’s harvest: you might have nothing the next year. Already in my years in the anti-nuclear movement, I understood that only with solidarity, passion, and patience you could win  on mission impossible. Step –by- step Greens change the world! My private life is outside of the green party. But in my small village Dickweitzen we  are very green not only because of our wonderful gardens.”

-Rebecca Harms

(Co-President of the Greens / EFA group)

malta“Some time ago, we started a nationwide petition as a way of pushing our government into the launch of referendum to abolish Spring Hunting. We made sure that anyone who wanted to sign the petition had his or her voice heard. We did it. We convinced enough people to help and sign. As Greens, we care about animal rights. We care about the world we live in. We care to hear what people want to say about it. For us, Malta Green Youth, being Green means giving importance to social rights and managing resources in a sustainable manner; which, in turn, would keep the economy stable. We want a free society where everyone can express his or her opinion without fear of prejudice or repercussion. We want a society in which logic surpasses discrimination and ignorance. This is why we are also active in the drug decriminalization movement.  This is why we believe in the rights of minorities such as LGBT and migrants.”

ADZ – Malta Green Youth, Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh


” To be green means for me to be right. In fact, we struggle against the denial and we fight for awareness. We know the realities (environmental  disasters, social inequalities, economic disparities..) and we propose solutions. Also, we are conscious that to create a new society more environment-   friendly and more united will be difficult but we are not pessimist. The hope and the conviction can move mountains!”

-Fiona Mille, french, 17 years old

1424431_10152018537949424_39074935_n1424431_10152018537949424_39074935_nEyeEyeEye1424431_10152018537949424_39074935_n“In my view, being green is above all a way of thinking. Like most people, you are aware of the impacts that humans have on nature, but what makes you   special is that you refuse to just look the other way. You have kind of a sixth sense that is functioning all the time, observing problems, thinking of  solutions. You know deep down that sustainability is probably one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced. But you’re not green if you’re just thinking  about it, of course. You must also apply sustainable life practices to yourself; otherwise, how could you convince others to do it too?”

-Antoine Ebel,  France, CliMates, Former President



    Green means-

    –Aurore Bimont , CliMates – President,  www.climates.fr



photo“For me, being green is some kind of way of life, maybe even a religion. However, it is not always with the same strength. With every step I    undertake, I try to think about the consequences. Do I really need to buy this? If so, then it is the most sustainable and social option? Can I create it  myself? However, like with a religion there are days I feel blue and do not want to think about it, I take the car instead of public transport or a bike,  eating meat stays a temptation on some moments. I think the previous name of the Flemish Greens in Belgium had a quiet good resume about it:  Agalev, which means To Work, Live and Make Love Differently.”

-Maarten Lucas, Flanders, Belgium

photo  “To me, being Green means consciously considering the well being of the very planet that sustains us all, as well as every individual that populates   her, in any decision of importance and consequence.”

-Michael Montano, Tucson, Arizona USA
Green Party of Pima County

“Greener Earth Healthier Life”

Regularly, car-free-day in Sunday morning bringing peoples around Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia to do various sport activities and social interactions. However, in November 10, 2013, I did different and unique thing called clean up volunteerism. It is an annual event held by the Jakarta Expat, an association for foreigners in Jakarta.This event very related closely with ‘green actions’, terms for any kind of acts to save environment and more earth-friendly. In the past, I thought that how I could do one thing not-for-profit and even wasting my energy, time, and money only for so-called ‘green movement’. However, I realized that we live in one planet where environmental balance is globally connected. It is real fact that every part in the world is inseparable and inter-dependent environmentally. Although, each country still have territorial borders, but environmental issues is cross-borders. Actually, green issues is not new phenomenon, but only adjusted with advances of human civilizations. From traditional wisdom that preserved by indigenous groups to collective actions that promoted by social activists, green issues now diversified and popular.


Original photo link:  http://jakartaexpat.biz/other/clean-up-jakarta-day-2013-back-breaking-teamwork-raises-awareness-of-jakartas-rubbish-problem/

As in my own experience as being volunteer for Clean-up Jakarta Day in Jakarta (Indonesia), I strongly convinced that we have to be a hero for our planet. Collecting rubbish one by one, dry and wet, degradable and non-degradable, smelly and dirty made me more aware that life is impossible without supports from the nature. I am becoming strongly motivated to care for environmental balance, knowing that nature’s power cannot replace by sophisticated technologies and money.

Don’t destruct but construct, don’t foresting but planting, don’t wasting but saving, it is all between environment and development, earth and health, sustainability and longevity, so that if you want to be an healthier person, let’s participate to a greener earth. Save our environment, save our life.

Green regards from INDONESIA, the world’s largest and very beautiful archipelago.

Steve Harison, 25 years old, Indonesia


IMG_5706   “It means deliberate life undertakings that supports and enhances a harmonic integration between natural systems for improved  ecosystems that  enhances productivity in a various forms ranging from; food, fresh air, increase in economy, healthy and nutritious diets,  good and well managed  water, and healthy soils.” Original photo link: http://www.kusamala.org/about-us/team/#lightbox/2/

  -Chisomo Kamchacha-Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist- KusamalaInstitute of Agriculture and Ecology

photo “Being Green means being authentic and honest about what I am fighting to do for. In addition, what I am fighting for is a world envisioned by so  many: A world of peace and equal opportunities for everyone, including future generations. Being Green also means spreading the conviction that  this dream can come true.”

  -Jakob C. Schwarz, FYEG


photoFor me, green means-SIBIRO Philippe Junior, Coordinator NEPADCA/GYIN/AYICC/NAYD


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