What is IGLYO?

IGLYO stands for the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth and Student Organisation. It was created in 1984 as a reaction to the need for better cooperation among regional, local or national LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender) youth and student organisations. Today the IGLYO network is an important LGBT youth meeting point in the European region, having member organisations in almost every European country. IGLYO is registered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and has an office in Malta.

The main goals of IGLYO are to:
Ø combat the discrimination and persecution of young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth;
Ø promote and support the emancipation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth;
Ø support partnership, co-operation and joint strategies on national and regional level.
Every year IGLYO organises an international conference or study session with a special theme (such as Family, Health, Pride …). At this conference, up to 50 people gather and work together for a week. Apart from the theme also personal experience in the field of the LGBT youth work is discussed and exchanged in workshops. Intercultural learning, exchanging new skills and international networking is a typical example of what IGLYO provides to its members. IGLYO is also a major source of information relevant for local youth groups and organisations. This information comprises all from fundraising to training for coming out counselling. IGLYO is also involved in political work. It is participating in youth structures on European and International level. IGLYO is among others a full member of the European Youth Forum and the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) and co-operates with the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe.
In January 2002, IGLYO has held an international hearing on the position and discrimination of LGBT youth in Central and Eastern European countries, focusing particularly on accession countries to the European Union. At this Hearing, IGLYO learned that despite of the legal protection offered by both European Union (EU) and Council of Europe, discrimination of LGBT youth in accession countries and EU member states is still widespread. In June 2003, IGLYO organised a study session entitled “Overcoming Homophobia:
Towards an inclusive social policy for LGBT youth”. Held at the European Youth Centre in Budapest it brought together youth from different organisations from across Europe with the main purpose to analyse already existent policies on LGBT issues and to set up better strategies to combat discrimination against LGBT.
Next March, we will be organising another study session at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg and will be dealing with Media and LGBT. IGLYO recognises that most of our member organisations are working towards promoting LGBT values through the media. Reality shows that media is also quite interested in LGBT issues, but unfortunately often portrays LGBT youth in a stereotypical or prejudicial way. This study session will be aiming at developing the knowledge and skills of young LGBT activists on how to deal with media in or and achieve their goals. This topic reflects very well the need for visibility and participation of LGBT people in society in general. As many LGBT youth organisations have to face a working environment which is not as inclusive as the environment given to many ‘mainstream’ organisations, they appreciate the opportunity to network within IGLYO, exchange experiences of work and develop ideas for joint and cross-border projects.
These study sessions and conferences will help IGLYO in developing a stronger LGBT youth network in Europe, promote values of tolerance and non-discrimination and increase participation of young LGBT people in the democratic decisionmaking processes in their country.
Get involved!
Become a part of Europe’s largest LGBT youth network! IGLYO is open to any youth or student group which is either autonomous or an integral part of another organisation and which consists mainly of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. IGLYO defines youth as under the age of 27. Actual members are youth groups that deal with coming-out, social groups for young LGBT people, political and activist groups, local, regional and national networks or organisations for LGBT youth. To become a member, please complete the membership form at www.iglyo.net.
Need more info?
Take a look at our website at www.iglyo.net or contact us by e-mail at info@iglyo.net. We look forward to answer your questions or meet you at one of our activities!

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