Why not open to the world?

An appeal for Global Justice

Migration seems to be a problematic issue. While Europeans use countries of the global south and east to produce the wealth they live off, it seems inacceptable to accept that the poverty created by this exploitation makes humans try to find their luck in the countries that have drained all potential wealth of them. While we hold up human rights and declare ourselves as peaceful people, we manufacture weapons and send them to other countries. For sure these countries are all democratic and respect human rights. Some people are naive enough to believe this. And some are naive enough to think that democratic countries buy weapons for another purpose than killing. As we send war to the rest of the world (god (or whoever) beware the workplaces that would be lost if we backed out of this dirty work and leave this economy branch to other nations 😉 ), we use paramilitaric Frontex to „protect ourselves“ – to say our money – from the refugees we cause.

The reasons for European walling-off are obvious: The main reason for refugees is the lack of global justice caused by us. The fear that our governments have of refugees is not caused by the doubts that we can’t afford these people coming to us. As a matter of fact, it might cost us much money to have a human immigration policy. But the main reason for this wouldn’t be the costs to provide for the refugees. This whole system of global exploitation wouldn’t work any more if humans were allowed to have a share of their own wealth that was taken from them by us. Our governments have recognized that it’s not possible to provide the same standards of life that we have to everyone. But they haven’t drawn the right conclusion from this fact; they haven’t accepted that our life standards are too high and we have to lower them to enable EVERY human a life in dignity. Instead, they’ve made the choice that it’s more popular and that they’re more likely to get elected if we keep on our unsustainable, unjust economy and just impregnate people with the belief that shutting ourselves of from refugees simply IS the only possible way, period. Opening up European borders would make this whole system collapse. It would make us pay for the damage we have done to other countries. It would make us pay for the damage we’ve caused by the wars we’ve made money with and it would make us pay for the destruction which we’ve done to our environment which is especially affecting the countries we shut us off from.

Opening up our borders would force us to change our ways. If we couldn’t keep the damage we cause away from us anymore. It would make it to everybody‘s interest to make global justice and the environment the premise of our acting. That’s why we have to fight for this.

No Borders! No Nations!

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