work, work, work!

Since the FYEG Winter Camp on Social Policy in Norway in the beginning of 2007 there has been a debate on work going on within FYEG, mirroring a wider one in the Greens in general.

In this issue of the Ecosprinter we have a wide variety of issues dealing with the quality and quantity of work, from very concrete topics, like the employment conditions of young people just released from prison, to more abstract ones like the spread with thoughts and facts on a Guaranteed Basic Income and the changing nature of work.

Somewhat related is the article on what it is like for young Greens when their mother parties are in government… with the conservatives! For some this seems like an impossibility, for others it is the most natural thing in the world, but most would agree, when pressed, that many centre-right parties are not any worse than some centre-left parties as coalition partners! At least many Greens seem to find more of a common language with the (post)modern centre-right than some old style Social Democrat factory- and nuclear power lovers!


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