Around the World Wild Web

This week, the Ecosprinter has made a tour around the world wide web and found for you some things to keep you busy while waiting for the winter to come, and the climate change negotiations to begin.



How to reply to a gay scandal : Winston Churchill might have been of good advice


Forbidden to wear mini-skirts ? Fair enough.


more info




Have you ever noticed ?



Assertions of privilege in the public transport. Find more here.




The last and only user of MS-Paint is 98 years old


The Pixel Painter from The Pixel Painter on Vimeo. More info here.




We told you KFC was evil





Let’s twist again


Organise your own crazy gif party here.



This guy is not Barack Obama




Who said there was nothing good coming out of a US governement shutdown?



KKK Rally At Gettysburg Canceled Because Of Government Shutdown


We keep you just one second more


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