Young European Greens demand stop to use of nuclear energy!

20 years after the catastrophic accident at Chernobyl, The Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) is concerned that nuclear energy is undergoing a revival in Europe. FYEG will campaign against nuclear energy as it is being used a scapegoat to avoid sustainable solutions to climate change.

Ernest Urtasun, co-spokesperson of FYEG, says: “Chernobyl has clearly shown us that nuclear energy cannot be entirely safe and the risks involved are enormous. Chernobyl resulted in thousands of immediate deaths and contaminated the land, contamination that to this day remains. The whole of Europe was affected and is still suffering from this accident.”

Ska Keller, co-spokesperson of FYEG, adds: “Nuclear energy is not a way of protecting the climate; it is an unbearable risk. Instead of relying on nuclear technology, we should reduce our use of energy and switch to renewable energies that are safe for us and the Earth. We call all European governments to stop their plans for new nuclear power plants, to phase out their existing ones and to enhance renewable energy!”

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