Editorial Board

(She/Her) Christina Kessler – Germany

(He/Him) Edoardo De Paola – Italy

(She/Her) Gabriella Waibel – Italy

(She/Her) Miriam Sivianes – Spain

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Kristian Normand (Norway) –

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About Us

The Ecosprinter is the online magazine of FYEG, the Federation of Young European Greens. It’s Editorial Board is elected by the General Assembly of FYEG. The objective of the Ecosprinter is twofold: On the one hand, the magazine contributes to the internal debate of young greens across Europe. On the other hand, the Ecosprinter covers green ideas for its readers in Europe and beyond. By stimulating debates across European countries, the Ecosprinter contributes to strengthening the European political space.
The magazine covers topics ranging from environmental issues, social justice, mental health, to feminism and LGBTQ+ while always being committed to a holistic perspective.

The Ecosprinter appears both online and once or twice a year in a printed edition to reach the broadest possible audience.

We are striving towards a democratic inclusion of all young Green European opinions. If you have ideas or comments feel free to contact us via email (